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Go Here: CaveBear Blog
  This blog contains the opinions of Karl Auerbach.
Karl is much smarter than I am.

Watch This: Ghost in the Shell
    Mamoru Oshii


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   Other sites I dig.     [ A little list from SlappyJack ]
I am well aware these things are never in the same order twice. Dick. [ Sort by: Name | Category | Don't Sort ]

EXRX Weight Training
The most complete free workout site I've found.
No Shit.
Internet Archive
Find old websites, links to Project Gutenberg, and a whole lotta other crap. woo.
Daily Dancer
This is just a perfect example of "Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean that you SHOULD."

At least he keeps his clothes on.

The Best Page In The Universe.
I'm sorry, but it really is.
the Scandalous Diary of a Vegas Playgirl
hey. a gal with an online diary of her life.
imagine that.
but this one is tasty.
This American Life
Radio Magazine out of WBEZ in Chicago.
Stream it. Love it. It's great.
Trooper Clerks
Too godamn good.

If youre a Star Wars/Kevin Smith dork.

Which I am.

Bob the Angry Flower
If you don't find this funny, you're stupid.
Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye!
Bad Boss? Impossible conditions? Fear and loathing from 9 to 5?
Possibly the best break-up letter ever.
Many, Many thanks to e-pauly for digging this up and making it available to us all. You gotta like any letter that uses the phrase: cinnamon ring.
Don't konw what Phooning is? Well, here you go. You can even send in photos of yourself doing it. Why? Because it's silly, dumbass!
tha shizzolator
Shizzolate yo websizzites.
Kustom Kettle
DoD custom maps galore! Good guys, fun server. God bless 'em.
Mr. T Ate my Balls
This needs no comment.
Get yer workout on.
Scowl, Nu?
Stop reading yer buds site and they go and redo the whole damn thing.

By the way, these are the folks that are directly responsble for me being a married man now.

no, I haven't forgiven them for it yet.

They do stuff.
It is the fault of these people I am married right now. Go yell at them.
Get your Subnet on.
she writes a lot. I don't think you understand...
Ill Will Press
Foamy. He's my fucking hero.
The Greatest Voicemail Message of All Time
Really, if you don't agree with me, you can go fuck yourself.
Be Prepared!
What would YOU do in an emergency?
Official weblog of Larry Halff.
Read it now before he gets bored with it again!
People that suck
A database of people that suck. Know someone that sucks? Add them!
Best Error Page Ever
Mammonet--The First and Only Internet Mammogram
Boob on the glass, please.
My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable
Even more unstoppable than my New Fighting Technique.
For those not in the know, this is the "Get Your War On" guy.
The Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad
Speaks for itself, really.
Smoking. Is. Awesome.
Really. It is.

fuck you.

A-1 AAA AmeriCaptions
Kill days captioning pictures. pure genuis.
The Anti-Chain Letter
This should be my new autoresponder.
Postcards... with SECRETS.
Good stuff.
quite possibly the only personal site out there updated less frequently than this one.
The internet is shit.
really. It is.
Meet the Pros
A great episode of This American Life that is a must listen - especially for all basketball and poker fans.


The Official Ninja Webpage: REAL Ultimate Power!
Flip out. Kill People. Wail.
cool shit. really. it IS everything.
Fuck the South
Now THIS is a rant.
tools at yer fingertips. All that cool crap you wished you coded.
The Misanthropic Bitch
"Providing jack-off material for white misogynists since 1997."
If I was smart, i'd write this good.
The Necro Tonz
Cocktail Nation? No, baby, it's Cocktail Hell, and The Necro Tonz invite you to their eternal party!

Check 'em out! See them live!

Light Trucks Increase Profits But Foul Air More than Cars
I'm just sayinn.
Soda And His Million Piece Band
I've seen these guys live and they tore the FUCKING ROOF OFF of the Double Down. Buy the music, look up tour dates.

Most importantly: Go see them.

The Filthy Critic
Filthy was killed during a drunken stupor, but drop by BigEmpire anyways.
In case you haven't figured it out yet, these guys will tell you WHY AOL is a steaming pile of Satan's feces.
Just go play and find out for yourself.
The MDI Air Car
Take your SUV and shove it UP YOUR ASS.

They even understand that electricity IS NOT pollution-free.

Helpful crap, if you're a dork.
whatever, whenever
Jami Attenberg. She's smarter than me, and probably you, too.
Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Hey Look, Terrorists! Thanks, gub'ment!
I don't know. It's silly.
CaveBear Blog
This blog contains the opinions of Karl Auerbach.
Karl is much smarter than I am.
The most Most Best Website for Surfing Happy. Now Featuring Split Beaver.
The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
So wrong, and yet... SO. GOOD.

Yes, there's even slash in there for you startrek freaks.

Here's a sample listing:
Sappho High
Being a beautiful straight girl in an otherwise all-lesbian high school...

Temple ov thee Lemur
English Nerds. I love them.     10 worst album covers of all time.
Truly. Awful.
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