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i have the same birthday as Jason Priestley

i have a resume, though it doesn't really apply right now. I got away from webshit and went back to being a stagehand.

of course, wanting to get away form computers and do some honest work for a living, they made me the network admin for the projections crew.


The show I work on? KA over at the MGM. It is very large.

six foot one. skinny. bald.

devastatingly handsome.

starter marriage behind me, dead and gone.

I grew up in a hometown that was small and crappy with a selection of radio music ranging from classic rock to southern classic rock.

I've been trained by the United States Government to put rounds into a large grapefruit from 300 meters.

I still call my mother on an almost weekly basis.

I still talk to the same morons I hung out with when he was eleven.

Much like my Father, I'm a big fan of telling you my opinion.

not surprisingly, I have an account on /.

I have a retarded wishlist full of geek goodies

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