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bite me!

Update: Nov 7, 2000:
After voting I went to work and checked on CNN where I foudn a story on someone hacking My favorite part of all this is that the Republican National Committee'c spokesman Tom Yu went on to show what a fucking dumbass he is by saying:
It's obviously a dirty trick late in the campaign by the Democrats
What a 'tard. You can see the archive of the hack at

Did you vote? What? no? What the fuck are you doing reading this? GET THE FUCK OUT THERE AND VOTE!

Please. I mean, from the looks it, Bush is leading because dickheads like you and your friends didn't get your asses out of your chairs and vote.

Vote Nader, Vote Gore, Vote Bush if you want the country to be a lump of shit in two years.

Whatever. Juat cast that goddamn vote. If nothing else, its a "License to Bitch" for the next 4 years.

enought. go vote. i'll wait for you to come back...

In other news, the 7th is my brothers birthday. Happy Bithday, Robbie-dpbbie.

The rant for the day; for thise of you that voted already...

bite me.

(WARNING!!! this rant contains a bitchload of foul language. You have been warned.)

So the site I'm working at with/for my lovely wife is putting up a section of "Staff Picks". The favorite products of Xandria staffers.

I picked my faves and took the little "Meet the Staff" survey, and my boss tells me, "You gotta pill that 'bite me' out of your comments. it isn't appropriate."


Xandria is an online store. An online store for sex toys. This is an adult area.

We do not sell anything but sex toys. Johnny is not going to accidentally stumble across The Ultra Real Teaser or The Chasey Lain Cyberskin Signature Pussy while searching for Disney Movies or Big bird or something.

I cannot use a phrase (remember: bite me) that is broadcast roughly 15 times a night on prime time television on my survey page, but three clicks away you can read stories sent in by our readers with jems like this...

From Surprise, Surprise

I wanted to be fucked. Real hard. I took off my panties and started fingering myself. Oh, it felt so good. Then when I was completely naked and finger fucking myself on the bed, Liz walked in.
You can wish to be fucked real hard, but apparently you cannot bite me

From At the Club

At the door, she rubbed her ass up against me to show thanks.

Once we got there, we wasted no time. We sat across the table from each other and she immediately put the toe of her stilletto into my bare pussy and started to fuck me. What a sensation!

A bare pussy full of stilletto is apparently o.k., but I can't jokingly say bite me. There's logic for you.

From Wishful Thinking

Jean moved slowly towards Tim's mast thinking that I would stop her or get pissed off, so I gently pressed her mouth to the head of his cock. She opened and stretched her lips around what is the biggest cock she has ever had the chance to touch, let alone have in her mouth. I watched as Jean stroked up and down on his cock, licking the head and flicking her tongue across the tip of the opening.
That's less that 80 words, and you get "Tim's mast" and 3 cocks, apparently the biggest one Jean had ever seen, yet asking Jean to "bite me" is too crass for our readers gentile eyes.

aaahhh... bite me.

Slap Out.

6 Nov 00

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