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good deeds in the castro.

Last night, being Halloween and all, I decided to get my ass off thge couch and head on down to the Castro and see just what all the fuss was about. Joc got home late and tired so I just went to look around.
UNRELATED NOTE: Miss Trisha just used the word cocksucking.
The newspaper today says that there were roughly 200,000 people there by 10pm. It was unreal. I saw a woman dressed in a thong and blue paint. I saw a man dressed in boots and an open trenchcoat. I saw a nine foot tall Mr. Hankey.

I bumped into a guy and spilled his last beer all over the ground. How do I know it was his last beer? 'Cause he gasped in astonishment and said, "OH MAN, That was my last beer!" That's how.

I felt a little bad, being part of s flagrant a beer foull of that caliber, but we both wandered our separate ways adn that was that.

About 20 minutes later, though, I see the SAME GUY in line at a beer stall (if it could even be called a stall - it was actually the side entrance of a store) right in front of me, so I bought his next beer.

He and his friend were astonished to the point of speechlessness. He felt so indebted and happy he gave me a couple of little rubber bracelets. We chatted a little, they went to pee, I went home.

A nice halloween all around and I managed to pick up a little good karma along the way.

this update? booring.

Quick Belated Birthday shout-out to jami. She coulda had free cheap uncommittal oral sex, and turned it down. Good girl.

Apparently, I missed the birthday of The Filthy Critic, too. I know this because he just sent me an email that said fuck you in it about a dozen times, so I know it's authentic.

I doubt he got any offers for free oral sex, though, unless you count his dogs.

slap out.

1 Nov 00

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