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Dancer in the Dark

So last night the wife and I decide to see a movie. We decide to invite our friend the aspiring filmmaker along. She suggests we go see "Dancer in the Dark"

Now, this is a fine-ly well done movie. Nice little acting bits, the characters are believable and all have their place, its filmed nice, the story makes sense, and even the musical bits fit into the thing (though thay could have done shorter versions of them).

When you go to see "good" movies. The ones that have a story in them and they're all fancy - pants because they won Cannes and indie-pop-alterna pixie starlets deign themselves to act in them, you know they're going to have a dark depressing indie film side to them.

That's nice, That's depressing - but its more real than, say, machine gun boobies - and generally drives plot and character development, which Dancer has. This depressingness generally can be scaled to a certain point, as in "Wow, that was as depressing as watching a Sally Struthers infomercial" or "wow, that's as depressing as when I found out my highschool girlfriend was fucking the football team".

Some flicks just go to the point of self abuse, tho, like watching "Boys Don't Cry". This film is possibly more depressing, and it doesn't use any of the standard "look at this depressing shit" crap. It just gets bad, and then it gets more bad, then it takes the time to get more worse to the point where thinking about it destroys my already remedial grammar skills.

When the film was over the whole audience just sat there watching the credits for a long long time.

Go see it. It's worth your $8. Its even worth $10 or 12, actually.

Slap Out.

23 Oct 2000

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