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!(journal) entry.

So we're watching Monday Night Football and having a grand old time yucking it up with Dennis Miller and they cut away to the Budweiser commercial of the horses playing football.

I say to J, "I love this commercial."
"This commercial is stupid."
"It's so not real. Like this ever happens."

This came out of the mouth of a woman who's favorite commercials involve trios of gay dancers bursting unannounced into places like courtrooms and giving women a vigorous wash and conditioning because "She's got the urge. She's got the urge, to herbal!".

Don't ever get married.

Top ten character traits from Will & Grace

  1. Gay
  2. Good haircut
  3. Gay
  4. Gay
  5. Gay
  6. Gay
  7. Hot ass
  8. Gay
  9. Gay
  10. Gay

Even though it gets crappier by the week, I still love Dark Angel. Pout for me!

Top ten character traits from Friends

  1. Coffee Drinker
  2. Formerly Funny
  3. Breasts
  4. Loopy
  5. New Hairstyle
  6. Whiny
  7. Hot chick
  8. Being Italian
  9. Aging
  10. Gay

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Slap Out.

20 Oct 00

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