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Olympic suckitude.

I don't even konw how to put this into an actual essay, but here's some thinkin's on this years olympics:
  • Simply because theres an 18 hour time difference DOES NOT mean you should tape delay it.

  • The fact that NBC media blackout-ed all of the events to protect their precious advertising dollars simply goes prove they're the fucking weasels David Letterman had been telling us about all these years...

  • ...and we can still get the results off of that crap-ass website immediately anyhow.

  • Thanks to the tape delay, this olympics is the most overproduced thing I have ever seen.

  • Not all medal ceremonies need the "Side-view of athlete's face, preferably the side the tear is running down, superimposed over their country's flag as it is hoisted up and their anthem is playing."

  • The three announcers for the gymnastics competitions are now the three most annoying little mincing bitchy ninnies on the planet.

  • The U.S.A. by far has the best looking swimmers in the world.
    (Jenny, I'm still waiting for that phone call... )

  • Thanks to the aforementioned ninnies; now when I see someone trip on a sidewalk, I think: "...thats gonna cost him a tenth of a point..."

  • The only cool non-athelete at the olympics? Bob Costas.

  • The reason people don't watch sports like archery and fencing is because the media won't show them for more than four seconds, so people don't get any chance to get into it.

  • We, as a country, should simply hang our heads in shame when the subject of olympic basketball comes up, peroid.

  • Do you really need to say "They came here to win the Gold?" Is that not why everyone goes to the olympics to compete? Are they all not just a little disappointed when they don't do well?
    Please stop saying it every two damn seconds.

Slap Out.

21 Sep 00

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