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What about the "Dago Grammys"?

Now, I may be a little confused here, but what prompted the need for The Latin Grammy Awards?

Did I miss a meeting? Is there something out there I didn't see that said that "The Grammys" were actually "The White-guy Grammy Awards"?

Then I see the commercals - Most of the people they've shown have won regular Grammys, much less need to win another one.

Folks, this is just another shitbag marketing ploy. Record companies wanna push the Latin beat down midwestern america's throat so they can sell more recodrs on yet another music type, because they don't apparently make enough money. As an added bonus the Recording Academy gets another night to sell advertising for and with the added bonus


When I see actual Latin folk on there that couldn't get into the White Folk Grammys without a bomb strapped to their chests, then you can tell me you need a The Latin Grammy Awards.


Slap Out.

14 Sep 00

UPDATE - 15 Sep 00

Miss karen sez:

Subject: Los Grammys Latinos
   From: karen
     To: slappyjack
We needed them so Jennifer Lopez and Puffy Combs can wear clothes that show 
that they're "serious" artists.
The next new "music wave"?  Russian gansta rap.  Eminem better watch his 
pasty white ass.

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