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video awards?

So, of course, because i'm married to a person who insists on acting like she's 12; I watched the vmas last night.

The G-Man sends me this email...

I think that we can ignore the misstep of getting the Wayans brothers to
host for the moment...

Britney Spears, Britney Spears, Britney Spears. I'm tempted to end it
right there, because that was the show. I'll watch the reruns for
that, so will half the 12 year olds in America. So will half the
40-50 year olds in America.

But I'll continue.

Why is Carson Daly a celebrity? Why is Bobby Brown on TV? Oh,
because he came with his crack ho, Whitney. Which begs the question, why
is Whitney Houston on TV?

Do you think that if Dre climbed on the podium, pulled his pants down,
laid a big steaming turd, and told Eminem to eat it, that Eminem would?

... ... ... ... ...

Sorry, I was caught in a trance at the mental picture of Britney beanding
over backwards with her boobies hanging out.

Note to MTV: The kids like Pagong. Anyone from Pagong. Tagi sucks. Kids
don't like Tagi. Everyone from Tagi. End of note.

In the words of Rudy: Ricky Martin is like a sick pet. You love it to
death, but when its sick, you have to shoot it. Or just mercifully let him
watch the awards at home.

Serena Altschul still lookin fine. Let her hair grow out, just the way we

I can't remember anymore. Most of my memory has been devoted to the
picture of Britney Spears.

That is all.

A friend's girlfriend, who used to strip, said of Brit-Brit's dance costume:
I wouldn't even wear that on my second set...
I have but a few comments:
  • oh, the Wayans Brothers. I wonder what Billy Crystal is doing next September?
  • "The Rock" and "Kid Rock" as presenters? WITTY! wHERE'D TEHY THING OF THAT!?
  • Destiny's Child? Where'd they get those costumes, a Reniassance Faire rummage sale?
  • Sting? Wasn't it past his bedtime?
  • I used to think Pinq was the least annoying and hottest "teen diva"... then she talked.
  • yes, yes, yes... the Chili Peppers are very, very cool. Can we please stop jerking off all over ourselves about them now?
  • Fred Durst - I could see your boner when you were up on stage with Christina Aguler-er-aeria. word.
  • Britney and Christina in them dresses? no, we wanna see them together IN JELLO.
  • Aretha? Diva. Dianna? Diva. Patti? Diva. Tina? Diva. Whitney? Not a Diva.
  • Bobby Brown? Mr "I don't give a damn."? You should be glad people worship your wife so you can still get some air-time, ponch.
  • Midgets on strings, much like Blink 182, RULE.
  • Eminem won. Not the award, the argument that mattered: "No, we ain't got no disagreement, I just dont like them" (on Christina and Fred Durst)

in other news... This as found on in the women seeking men section:

Asshole alert!!!!!
Ladies if you have your own ad posted in this section and happen to browse thru, know that a man with the e-mail address wondering8@hotmail and going by the name Jordan Hoppe is really a supreme sleeze. He happens to be the man I live with and have been dating for 5 years. To add to this we just had a baby a month and a half ago. I discovered that he has been answering personal ads, and has the nerve to say it was a form of play for him. Maybe that wouldn't be such an issue if a baby weren't in the mix. As if us ladies don't feel like "playing" on occasion, but integrity keeps that in check! Its very unfortunate this boy (thinking he's a man) couldn't handle his responsiblities as a partner and father. If these character traits are ones which interest you: boring, dishonest, sexually addicted, irresponsible, over weight, cocky and unintelligent then by all means respond as you will. But know this is the kind of person who will yearn to cheat the moment the relationship takes on any kind of challenge or responsibility.
This was found in the same section:
...not the least bit gay in any way except that I love to "pleasure" extra large men...
wow. sometimes the fun just writes itself.

Remember, that's This site started in the bay area, expanded to major metro around the country. A GOOD DOT COM, and they haven't even IPO'd.

Slap Out.

9 Sep 00

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