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so its been a while...

Yeah yeah yeah... I been gone a week and a half. Big deal, like you guys read this more than once a month anyhow...

Reasons I haven't updated:

  1. Started a new job where I write even morecode per day than the last one. Not complainig, but even a geek like me has his limits

  2. I was on vacation, asshole. Did noting but drink beer, watch hockey and lay a little pipe to the wife. (There will be a new section opening up on the site in a few days thanks to a truly hellish plane trip, tho.)

  3. I busted the spacebar on the keyboard (springs on it or something) so typing is a little annoying and i'm too damn lazy to replace it.

  4. Its my site, screw you.
I DO, however, have a few things to mention from the past week or so...
My Aunt sent me this damn email touting free shit again. This one was supposedly from the GAP where you forward it willingly to everyone you know and they'll see it and a coupon will magically pop up on your screen, which you then DO A PRINT SCREEN OF AND TAKE THAT PRINTOUT to the GAP and they'll give you free stuff!

In a fit o' rage I reply to all and explain in detail what a load of crap that is and ask people to knock it off.

...of course, it WAS peppered with my... um "exotic" form of speaking...

Little did I notice tha fact that in this gigantor list of people was a) 30 bank tellers, and b) somewhere around 100 teachers from someplace called cook, in Illinois.

Let it suffice say that the Midwest housewives didn't take to well to it, getting me a reply of "GET A LIFE!!!" (because we all know the force given by an all caps email), and a couple that didn't have any problem with what I said, but the fact that i had "cussed" while doing it.

THEN, the best of all. Their sysadmin, who apparently knew anough to look yo my contact phone number online actually CALLS ME and tells me "he'll get me booted off my ISP" if I don't "take their domain out of my email list".

He did this at 6am my time, so i wasn't my typically perky self, but since I KNOW goober the slack-jawed sysadmin is going to check in on me, I'll tell him this:

Dearest Goober,

While I actually admire you being tenatious enough to actually track me down and call me on the phone, I thought I'd better address your threat so you don't make an ass of yourself the next time; or worse yet, piss off someone with kung-fu better than mine.

  1. On getting me booted off my ISP - threadnet hosts my website, and actually DOES hold my email, but I cannot send through them. You wouldn't even have any proof that it was ME that sent your people those emails because "" doesn't even show up in the header, so they wouldn't really have a reason to boot me. Learn to read your headers.

  2. More on getting booted off my ISP. If youd stop sippin' at the gin long enough to read the headers, you'd have seen where the emails originated, which was actually where i WORK. Go ahead, call them. Please. We could all use the laugh, and maybe they'll take away my email account and i'll actually get my work done!

  3. If you'd have actually LOOKED at the emails, and read the f ucking headers, you'd have seen that the email was split up into blocks of addresses. Spammers typically send to one address at a time to get through the filters, and they sure as fuck know enough to not put their real address on as the reply.

    You just may wanna know what the fuck you're talking about before you toss around threats.

  4. Oh yeah... screw you...
(That's about it for now. if you'd get a little controll over your users and educate their asses maybe the'y stop sending mass emails and broadcasting your account's addresses ALL THE FUCK OVER THE PLANET. The get mailed to my mailbox and they're fair game, sparky.)

...and the horse your wife rode.


I'd post the domain and egg on the script kiddies, but they ARE an edu, so it slides.
Tonight I actually watched "After Diff'rnt Strokes - the end to the Laughter" on TV. Not taking the title for face value was my first mistake.
  • This made for TV movie was ONLY AN HOUR LONG. What the fuck?
  • Having Dana Plato tell us the story from the grave was not compelling, but it sure was funny.
  • The chick playing Dana was not only a bad actress, but she looked like Tonya Harding.
  • The guy playing Gary Coleman wore some kinda prosthetic lips, (I'm sure of it), and sat in oversized furniture and stood in holes a lot. Awful.

    Sorry Mr. Coleman, i wasn't knocking you. You actually KICK ASS

  • High Point of the whole thing:
    Todd Bridges wins the Biggest Balls on The Planet award for: Playing the crack dealer that SELLS CRACK TO THE ACTOR PLAYING HIM AS A JUNKIE IN THE SPECIAL

The lad news tonight is that they finally found the dog

What Dog?

Two days ago this little dog climbes his ass into a pipe roughly 4 inches wider than he is. these pipes are no longer used, so the dog wont get drowned or anythign, but hes lost.

and stuck.

Suddenly Men of Action spring to the scene and start tearing up the fucking city of oakland looking for this little damn dog. Literally costiung the community tens of thousands of dollars in damages and using thousands of man-hours to find this little fucker. The city said they'd foot the bill for then crews and damages. Abunch of private ocntractors threw their resources intop the fray, too.

The owner basically said "Ooh, he sure is a rascal! I miss him! I hope we get him out!"

(I'm sure this 'tard spent the night in aa AOL "Lost Pets Support Group" Chat Room...)

The found him last night, but were having a lot of trouble getting to him because he'd keep on moving away from the loud and scary machines.

tonight they got him out.

Why am I ranting about this?

A year ago, the SAME DOG caused THE SAME PROBLEM from crawilg his flea-ridden ass INTO THE SAME FUCKING PIPE.

They weren't smart enough to cover the hole AFTER HE WENT THROUGH IT THE FIRST TIME!

People. I fucking hate 'em all.

'cept you, of course.

The Circut City commercial with the guy watching soccer - Genius.
I still don't recomment buying computer hardware from them, tho. They haven't a clue there.

The new Pathfinder commercial with the guys playing polo to Baba 'o Rilley?
Fuck you Nissan. Fuck you and your SUV and your capitalist-elietism, you cocksuckers.

Slap Out.

16 May 00

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