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life with the girls

As I sit here and try to type something for the opening page, the goddamn cat won't leave me alone, my girlfriend keeps going on and on about how every scene in "The African Queen" is just soooo good, and I'm keep hearing all this old movie music in the background...

(I gotta say, Kate Hepburn was so damn hot in her day...)

I'm gonna need a bigger place.

Mina, the cat, has this chasing her own tail thing she does. Not when shes standing around, oh no. She only does it when shes laying in your lap, pulling herself after her tail with her sharp little claws-o- rending.

Not too bad of a thing when she first started doing it this winter, but now we have to train her to know that people don't ALWAYS have thick blue denim skin.

I swear, she's so stupid...

The cat, not the girlfriend.

That's all for today. Keep lookin' back, I'm going to actually keep on top of this site, feel free to tell me what you wanna see.

15 June 1998

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