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AGAIN with the Fuckin' Corporations.

Once again, from the mailbox of Slappyjack...

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: dude....
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 09:09:02 -0700
From: SlappyJack 
Organization: Webstuff by Slappyjack

You guys fired buggie.

Probably the easiest to get along with web developer on the planet and the
person that pulled alla your little radio sites out of the toilet.

Stupid, stupid, stupid move.

Not to mention the fact that you guys did it with absolutely no fucking 
class whatsoever.

Nice.  Real Nice.


   ...livin' large in my lack of knowledge about anything relevant...

First, go read THIS on Buggie's site, and then come on back.
(click the link, moron)

Unfuckingbelievable, isn't it?

I mean, I've been "slimmed down" from a company before and it sucked a fat dick, but at least the guy had the class to say "Take two weeks, use your office as a place to find another job, and we'll pay you for it." That was cool. He even offered to give me a slug job at one of his clubs if I needed it.

Anyway, this isn't about that gig, this is about Buggie gettin bent over without a reacharound, for chrissake.

The comnapy that pulled this crapols was Clear Channel Communications. (No, I'm not gonna link them, fuck 'em) They own Radio and TV stations. Lots of 'em. Obviously they have not a single goddamn clueabout websites, because while Buggie isn't the greatest coder in the world, she did happen to make the little sites for the stations look a lot friggin better than they did, thats for sure.

In appreciation, they fire her.


What's the point of this whole rant? None, really. Its simply yet another noting of the gigantic assholishness that corporations pull on a daily basis. Maybe one day this will put a litlte buzz in someone's brain and they'll be a little nicer to the people that work for them, but probably not.

Maybe you guys will be motivated to email the addresses above and tell them what assholes they are, that would be nice.

Maybe one of the reckless teenage boys that like to read this site because I say "fuck" a lot will get motivated and get his buddies to attack ClearChannel's servers.

That would be very, very cool. Just don't get caught, boyos. Cover your tracks, remember to erase the logs, make sure you hop at least 3-5 times before hitting your target, pay attention to what you're doing.

When you're done go get yourself a beer and for the love of God, keep your fucking mouths shut about it.

Have a nice day, kiddies.

Slap Out.

3 May 00

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