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pissiness, and more pissiness.

To start:
You need to go to two places before you do anything:
People were modifying that picture that made such a stink. it's funny.

The fabu Joe made this, but he closed the contest down like five minutes before Joe finished it.

The thing is, no matter how bad you feel for the little kid, it is funny.

Why? Because we as a group are FUCKING SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT. There hasn't been an annoyance like this from the media since the OJ case. Wait, there was the Clinton-Lewinsky debacle. Assholes.

Apparently they thought they could shove one down our throats again. Email your local media. Tell them off. Tell them what assholes they are. Don't let them get away with this again.

There is only one site you ever need to go to to waste time ever again:


Go there, start noding.

For those of you that read my wife's journal, which is about 99% of you...

Yes, I read the entry.
No, I didn't find it funny.

There will be discussion.

trust me.

lots of it.

Slap Out.

27 Apr 00

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