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scenes from an inbox.

Again, i have no real update, but some transcripts from my email life...

I'm talkin to Dik here about my stellar hollywood weekend. if you all GAVE a good goddamn...
> so you saw Final Destination? how was?

Bad. Great idea for a movie, but i question the use of teenagers in it.

I also question the use of teenagers that speak shitty dialogue. dialogue that
was written to sound like they were all college sophomore philosophy/art/drama
majors into saying "deep" things.

I also question why they set up death as a character and then kinda said "ok,
we did the cool effects, now we can just make him nothing but an ominous wind again."

I want to know why they think an electrical wire that got severed would jump
around and toss lightening out of it for TEN MINUTES... that was so dumb.

Vansen from "SA&B" was in it. She, of course, rocked.

They found neat ways to kill people.

The ending was better than 90% of them out there.

Mostly i laughed at it a lot.

Don't waste your money.

> d'ya have a kick-ass weekend?

worked hacking on perl scripting for J's company most of it.
Watched basketball with the wife. shes HUGE into the tournament, like yelling at
the TV huge...

like i'm typing away and building this script and all of a sudden i hear:

It was a HUGE weekend as far as college hoops goes, though, considering theres
only one Top seed left going into the third round.

The Bracketville commercials are to die for.

I played a lot of "CounterStrike". Go get half life, and play it. Or, just
download the CS mod and play it online. Wait, you dont just slap the "A" button
a lot, youll hate it.

I havent done dick at work today.


I thought that movie reziew was fair enough to sent to my buddy Mr. Filthy, and the ungrateful fuck sends this back to me...

Wait a minute... I am supposed to feel sorry for you, a lousy chimp
who paid money to see "Final Destination"? Come on now. You need to
put up your bitching on your web site to get even with the pukes who
made that shit. here it is...

Fan-boy? Who me? Just because I am in love with Julia Roberts? If you
aren't in love with Julia Roberts you are not a man, it's as simple
as that.

Go take your honey to the flick. You will be pleasantly surprised.

...I cant be taking that "chimp" guff...

A) We took the girls that the wife Mentors to see it... it was their pick.
B) Yes, you should be able to use your incredible pull in the biz to get me my real name.
C) I think I'm gonna put that email up online as an update... seems to be a trend.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wich he shoots back...

Whatever the reason, I got no sympathy for you. But, I'll certainly use
your data point as one of the reasons I will not see it. So, in that sense,
be happy that your hard work has saved me from wasting my time. Sort of
like all the people who died testing polio vaccinations before they got it

me, replying about Julia Roberts...
>oh, shes hot, to be sure. i'm just a little turned off by the way everyone
>falls all over her with creamy jeans simply because shes goodlooking and has
>a bit of acting talent, too.

Well, you think I am that simplistic? I explain in the review exactly why
the movie is good. It's not like I get so blinded by Mrs. Julia filthy that
I'm falling all over myself. Hell, what does a movie do? Entertain. a
pretty and talented woman playing a well-defined character, to me, is
entertainment. Damn good entertainment in this case.

...and finally my retort about, of course, more Julia Roberts

Not at all. I'm talking abuot the way that for about a year or two her media
machine kept her goddamn face up on the TV screen with things like "Julia
Roberts Shits! See the full story on Entertainment (You're a Loser who sits on
the couch) Tonight!"

Thats what I meant. Just like the oscars. I used to like them untill i realised
that were just a big Hollywood circle jerk that gets televised to prove to the
rest of the country how important celebrities are.


to review:
      Julia, I don't hate you 'cause you're beautiful
      Filthy actually is as big of an asshole in person as he is online
      This is yet another shitbag update.
      yeah, I'll be watching the Oscars again this year...

Slap Out.

21 Mar 00

PS - Yesterday was me and the missus' 4-month wedding anniversary.
Glad to see you all remembered.
thanks fer nuttin'.


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