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ooo! "hackers!"
they're so scary!

"Our top story tonight, the hacker attack against the popular websites..."

The morons on the news are showing how friggin stupid they are. They try to talk the talk, The do an "expose" about "the hacker underground", toss around the "jargon", talk to "actual hackers".

They do the mandatory interview with someone from 2600.


Mafia Boy is supposedly the guy's name. They say he's a 15 year old Canuck.

The talking heads think they're giving us information and they think they're helping the FBI by telling the rest of the world that "hardcore hackers" are "dissing" this kid because he's just doing a brute force Denial of Service attack.

(Fuck you, i'm not going to eaplain it or link to one. Go learn it yourself, fan boy)

Maybe so, but to generate that many ping requests takes at least a little doing, and though it's far from elegant in any way, this little snot did it first.

I say good for him.

He ran the crudest of exploits and fucked things up so good the friggin stock market dropped.

Some media turd actually said "...learn more abuot the hacker attacks that are polluting the internet..." What a complete dumbass. This guy still probably tries to pick up women in singles bars by telling them he knows Huey Lewis

I hope a whole group of little snots gets together and does it some more.

Hopefully they'll start attacking news channel websites, putting rediculous porn up on big corporate sites, and scare the boomers back behind their AOL/Time Warner firewall.

What the hell are the cops going to do, arrest ALL of them? I doubt it.

hack the planet, kids.

bring the noise.

I'll set out the cookies and milk.

Slap Out.

9 Feb 00

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