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style, or lack thereof.

Before anything else goes on here, I have to tell you all one thing:
American Beauty; just as good as everyone says it is. Great script, artfully done, damn near flawless.

First thing I've seen that was worth the full price of the ticket in about a year.


...thinking of this was just interrupted but mariah carrey's (sp? who fucking cares.) newest piece of shit that she's calling a video.

I thought she was dead or something.

i can wish...

So we went to The Metreon to see this fine piece of moviemaking - tickets were nine-fifty apiece. This was in the afternoon, when the rest of thy planet is seeing discounted matinees, I was taking my girlfriend to a movie and for the two of us it was almost $20 (yeah, as an added bonus - movie tix are TAXED in California - its ridiculous). If this was any average movie, I would have expected - no - demanded someting like a footrub halfway through the movie or something...

The metreon, by the way, is made of basically three things: glass, light woods, and buffed stainless steel.

Being that it was my second week as a country mouse in the big city, and in the big whack state of confusion named California to boot, I just let it slide. J, on the other hand, pointed out the total lack of substance to the whole place - its all about style not style that means a good goddamn of anything, but S T Y L E for the sake of itself.

As i look a it, about the only function that would be served by the architecture?

It would be easy to hose down after the secret hidden blades swung down and pureed all the pretentious latte-sipping people wearng yard after yard of overpriced GAP leather. With Luck, they would get some of the people I saw lining up to toss their ten-spot down to see Superstar that day.

i can wish

This beautiful thought interrupted by YET ANOTHER one of those goddamn Intel ads.

You know the ones - they show all this cool stuff on the screen that is happening at the touch of a button and then and then they make some statement claiming that this is all because of their processor...


First of all, the fancy-pants graphics in the commercials? Probably done on a SGI box.
Does Intel write the code for these programs? no.
They make the chip that runs them fast, and then try and sit on the technology so they can get richer - spread the word.

They're almost as bad as Apple pushing the iMac as being new again because they thouhgt of another cute color to mold them in.

oh Lord... Brittany Spears is on - what the fuck is this place supposed to be? A club? A hair salon? A diner where she works? for christ's sake, Brit, just get to the part where you kinda show a little skin and shake them boobers and let me get on to channel surfing.

It's almost as awful as that "Backstreet boys in Space" thing that Mtv keeps running and J won't let me turn off.

God, and i haven't even subjugated myself to this weeks Real World yet...

kill me.


Slap Out

12 Oct 99

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