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movin thoughts.

Last night we loaded the truck. The kids were all downstairs and I walked into my empty-ass apartment and it was dead silent.

Then i hear this really faint music. Out on the balcony I can hear it better. A lone bagpiper, practicing out in the little park a block from my place.

Lone bagpiper music wafting into your ears as you look at sunset over Cap Hill, which has been my 'hood for the past three years, WILL put a good-sized lump in your throat. First time I actually got sad about leaving all of this behind, but it was a good sad. this is the longest I've stayed in one place since High School.

Went to Charlie Browns. everybody came out to say goodbye. even gruff old George gave me a hug.


Goodbye, Denver. it's been nice.

Hello, San Francisco. Hope you fuckers are ready.

23 Sep 99

After 4+ years of mirth and mayhem The Dysfunctional Family Circus has had the full weight of King Features Syndicate's Weasely Lawyer Pool bring its full weight down upon it.

Go there, read the story, they try to dig up a decent email for their PR department telling them what a bunch of anal-retentive no-good cockpony-riding twatlicks they are. Tell 'em I sent you, even.

'cmon - it'll be fun!

I went last saturday to see "Mumford" with The Filthy Critic, and it blew big donkey balls.

I actually walked out.

Don't waste your money.

Those fuckers on Mtv decided it was more important to show that goddamn Adam Sandler "funny video" thing a-fucking-gain instead of giving me my real world like I need...


As filler, because I can't think straight enough to get pissed enouhg to bitch aobut anything...

(the "funny video" on right now, for refrence, is that goddamn "My name is" by that M&M's band - whoever the fuck they are... irritating.)

back to the lack of topic...
I been reading the logs and I'm noticing that there theres someone from APPLE coming to my site. Maybe a few people... the IP's change.

J told me it was Dan, who's actually more excited to meet me that either J or I am about my going out there.

Dan, keep the page up on your browser and you'll have a pretty good idea of when i'm getting there from the ticker at the bottom. Thanks for the excitement...

By the way, you wanna help me carry my crap into the apartment? Apparently I'm on my own...

I guess a few of you Appleheads are out there thinking differently and reading this right now, so I thought...

What in THE FUCK are you guys THINKING with that goddamn IBook????

What is this? A large case for carrying makeup?
A computer you can toss for your dog?

I'm disgusted.

Yeah, the wireless modem is cool, but try to upload onea them fancy-pants bigass graphics you can make through it and tell me what a godsend it is. Then tell me again when you get your cellular bill.

And howabout giving us a floppy, eh, boys? I know that CDRW is the way to go... I'm not fighting that, but I've seen the toy you got pasing for a CD drive in the IMac.


Hmm. Maybe Dan isn't gonna wanna meet me now...

(video on now - that fattboy slim one with the dancin freaks - now that's funny....)

For those that have been following along, this is the week I pack my shit and get the hell out of this 'burg called Denver. When that clock down below hits zero, i should be at my new place.

Dik wrote me a farewell speech.

I dont want to get all gushy and risk invoking of the wrath of His Filthiness or anything, but its been a really wierd weekend.

~ The hens got everyone together for a "not-a-big-deal" farewell to me. A lot of people showed up. it was nice

~ Carol from Charlie Brown's keeps asking me "what the hell are you gonna do when you get out there and need some old lady to get you a drink? Where you gonna smoke?"

~ EVERYONE has been asking "when you comin' back to Denver?" "you movin' back here eventually?" or my favorite... the PINNACLE OF OPTIMISM: "Well, you know, if things don't work or something... you... uh... can like stay on my couch if you need"

I really appreciate it guys, but thanks a lot.

~ Hoss actually said he was gonna miss me!

yeah. Its been a really wierd week.

J and I have been talking on the phone MORE in the past 5 days than I don't know how long. Its getting down to the wire and I think that we're both trying to deal with the fact that what we're doing is not only seen as completely nutso by most people, but it inherently a hugely goddamn frightening thing to jump into.

screw it.

If the adventure isn't frightening at least a little, then what's the fucking point????

i love you too, babe. I'm on my way.

Slap Out

21 Sep 99

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