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playing in the snow.

You know... today I got up just like every other day, actually - I wasn't running late for a change, and I proceeded to go outside and dig my car out from the two-foot snowdrift that had decided my car was a good spot to park itself.

This took about 30 minutes or so, and I didn't mind in the slightest. I love a good snow (we just got 26 inches of it in as many hours...), especially early in the season. It's a bit tricky to drive in, but since I grew up in NY, it's no big deal.

Creeping along the streets of Downtown Denver, i casually make my way onto I-25 and proceed to work for yet another day of being late.

Then it HAPPENS.

"Four-Wheel-Drive-Assholes", as my dear Father refers to them. You know the type. They drive really BIG pickup trucks or the yuppie version of said vehicle, the "Sport Utility Vehicle". (Of course, the main utility of this vehicle is to show how much money they have.)

You see, here in Colorado we face two problems: 1) The Emigres from California & Texas, and 2) Coloradans with really short term memories. It's not that I don't like these people, They're nice folks just like you and me, but they suffer from this ... um, problem.

For some reason, because they can get really great traction in the snow and chew through anything, they feel invulnerable, and they are to a certain point. Only problem is, they forget the fact that THEY STILL NEED TO STOP IN THE SNOW.

Now most of you are thinking "well, DUH, Slap, no kidding." And that's what I expect from most people. They slide in the snow really bad once, poop in their pampers, and they know better than to do it again.

Not     in     Colorado.
I don't know what it is. Maybe the view of the Purple Mountain's majesty with a blanket of fresh snow is such a vision they forget where they are. Maybe NPR is doing stories that are just that damn fascinating. Maybe the kids were little bastards this morning. Whatever the reason could be, here is the scenario:

I, your faithful author, am tooling along in "lil' Belle", my '84 VW Rabbit that sounds like it could fall apart at any time yet still serves me faithfully. Just minding my driving and taking it nice and easy. I see headlights coming up behind me and they're getting bigger and BIGGER. I give whomever it is room, LOTS OF it.

            like I need to tell you what happens next...

Yep. about 20 minutes later, I always see it. Same person who was in SUCH A HURRY is now WASTING TIME in a ditch, or a snowbank, or around a light pole. Typically, they're standing alongside the car trying to figure out JUST HOW THE HELL THIS COULD HAPPEN.

and i just drive by, with a little grin on my face and a little toot of the horn, because I know I'm gonna get where I'm going...


26 Oct 97

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