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This entry sucks.

OK, so I haven't updated yet. I been busy, and you can read what I been busy with on J's page, along with probably the best job interview ever.

I'm freakin updating this at work for gods sake, cut me some slack.

Dont worry. I taped the real world, I'll get the stream of thought up later on tonight. promise.

Ok, ok, ok.... you want a little entertainment?

I checked the logs this morning, and someone found my page searching Yahoo for:

mentos pussy mint

My page? Second on the list.

Webstuff by SlappyJack now brought to you by:
Mentos, the FRESHMAKER!
Keep your Pussy fresh,
with MENTOS!

Addendum - 24 Aug 03

So I went and found WHY people are searching "mentos pussy mint" on the internet:
This page has the video file, and so does this one.
While a funny concept, the film clip is actually not that funny. I think implied crotch licking would have been a million times funnier than seeing that chick's hairpie.

Yes, I said "hairpie." Calling a spade a spade, as it were.

the shitty update...

OK. So next time you read this I'm going to be thirty fucking years old.
    gotta change the bio page to say
    age: thirty

I haven't gotten reallypissed off in a wile at anything. Things have, with one gigantic exception, been going good. I'm on vacation till Tuesday, I got a bunch of free stuff to do this weekend, and I even got to give J a total complex about her gray hairs

Hell, I suck at this when I'm not pissed off.

maybe more later, if something cool pisses me off.


Slap out.

25-5 Aug 99

Dik send me a Birthday Card!

28 Aug 99

Last night was my birthday. Odd thing, not getting all fucked up drunk with your friends on your birthday. You actually remember what the hell went on.

J took me out to dinner (Maggiano's: Dago Food - gnocchis, Dago Matre'd, Dago Music - all Sinatra ["you gotta problem with that?"]) and a Movie (Mystery Men - eh. Janine Garaffalo is still hot, even with an excess of eye makeup, and Ben Stiller is still funny, even if its cool these days to say he's not). The cabbie even gave us a free ride home.

Best birthday ever. Even better that when I got my first 10-speed.

Gushy thanks to all of you who sent e-wishes.

Man, this entry STILL sucks. Go read J's page in a few days. I'm sure her updates are gonna be a lot more entertaining than this...

29 Aug 99

The Death Clock

No Time left...
'till my twenties die.

they're dead.


Colleen says:
"Getting older is great. You know more and care less about the stupid stuff."
Wise old lady, that Colleen.

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