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goddamn kids.

I finally went to see South Park: Biller, Longer and Uncut this weekend. I really thought it was overall pretty goddamn funny, even worth seeing a secong time - if only so I can hear all the songs without laughing the entire way through them. if you go, stay through the credits - you won't be disappointed.

If you've been under a rock and know NOTHING of the movie, skip down a little bit...

The thing that puts the entire movie into motion is that the boys go to see a Terrance and Phillip (of "I just farted on your head! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!" fame), but can't get in, because its rated R.

They do, of course, wind up getting in and see one of the most vulgar films to ever come out of Canada - a land where everyone is apparently blocky shaped and the top half of their head comes off when they talk. being eight they see this as high humour and is the geatest thing they've ever laid their little eyes upon.

They start swearing their asses off, which is somehting those of us that are hardcore S.P. fans have been waiting to see, get in trouble, and the plot moves on.

Now, as much as I loved it, the thing that was most ironic about the whole thing was that while sitting there and laughing and enjoying the antice of fictional little kids swearing like sailors and searching for the clitoris - I was surrounded by little kids.


I don't know where this rule came down, but for the love of God, people

Cartoon != Kiddie Show

I know it probably won't do anything to them that's going to be emotionally scarring for life, and that when I was their age I had heard just that much vulgarity in my everyday life, but geez, people...

I just hope whatever parent let their kids goes to see that doesn't (thouhg they probably will) feel justified in suing the film's producers when their dumbass kid gives himself third-degree anal burns trying to light their farts like kenny did...

Parents today - most of them are just bone fucking dumb.

its disturbing.

i'm getting good and worked up, and that's good, 'cause its time for my weekly Real World Stream of Thought.


Go see South Park. if you have one iota of juvinility in your body you'll pee yourself laughing.

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