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maybe it aint so damn soverign.

I'm watching TV and notice a large amount of ads from the Indian nations about proposition 1a. This strikes me as odd an irritating.


1a is about casinos run by the Native American tribes in California. The prop, being that its in a state that is the hub of the internet, has two sites:     

Anyhow, the thing is about expanding the rights of the tribes to expand their gaming to more than one casino per trinb and to NOT have a age limit on gambling and theres also a part in there about tribes that dont have a casino will get money from the tribes that do, thus helping native Americans or American Indians or whatever is the current politically correct term is these days pull themselves out of poverty.

(now, before you all send me hate mail about being insensitive to the term for a different group of people, realise that your talking to a guy who referrs to his ethnicity as "whopolock", so back your self-righteous asses off.)

The thing that gets me is this:

Why the hell are the tribes putting this shit up to vote? Are they not soverign land? Why are they asking whites to decide their policy?
They want controll of their lands and policy, let them have at it.

I have nothing against their soverignty, I have nothing against them being proud of their heritage, I have nothing against them runnning casinos to take money from paople who want to throw it away.

Of course, one of the negatives for being against this is the "gambling is bad" stance. Fuck you. If you can't stop yourself from gambling every last dollar away, don't go to the godadmn casino.

I don't really have much more to say about it, I just wanna know why they gotta have a billion commercials screwing up my viewing of the Family Feud Celebrity Week.

Feel free to email me with your arguments. I'm not going to post them, but feel free anyway.

Slap Out.

14 Feb 00

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