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g o d d a m n i t

at first I was pissed off.

they spoiled a night out that i badly needed.

i don't understand it.

i was a dork in high school.  I wasn't popular.  I wasn't "in".

but i never blew up my goddamn highschool.

kids, the revoultion is soon at hand, and this ain't it.

what they did wasn't brave.  it wasn't strong.  it wasn't anything but stupid.

i WAS gonna put up some normal slappyjack quippy crap like usual, but not today. the
fucking media are having a field day with this.  vulture mentalities licking the blood
off the innocent.

not just the victims, but the perpetrators.

they were kids.  misguided kids.

where were their parents?  
                           where are your parents?
                                                        where are your kids?

those of you that know me know that i'm not some hippy freak all into love-ins and
calling your parents just to say "i love you", but tonight - take that extra glance
at your kid. take a moment to realize what a little ball (yes, even at seventeen or
eighteen years old) of confusion they are.  even the most solid seeming of them.

care for them.  take care of them.  if the need a smack to realise it, giude them.

this has gotten completely oou of controll people.

we don't need knee-jerk laws from bumbasses looking to get re-elected.

we don't need the fucking media scaring us into worrying about "when kids
shoot other kids".

we need parents to do their fucking JOB.  it has been going on to centuries, folks.

                       lets get off our asses and do it.

                      time to stop fucking around people

turn off your television sets.  talk to your kids, talk to your parents, talk with

me? im going to talk with my surrogate family and drink a few stiff shots and 
reconsider if i ever wanna bring children into such a fucked-up world.

   ...but if i dont bring a few up right, how can i be sure anyone will...

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