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general irritations.

There's a lot of stuff that has gotten me good and irked just in this weekend alone. I'm watching the Oscar Award Ceremony right now, so this thing is going to be peppered with my random thoughts thruought this.

Actually, to start, I just want to say I think I just saw the Greatest acceptance of an Oscar ever. It was for Beast Foreign Film, won by Life is Beautiful. The Director, whos name I can remember, is this WACKY Dago. He was like a 12 year-old when he won that award, and you can tell he was genuinely appreciative of it.

Take THAT, Mr. Brando.

Geena Davis... oy.

Tap Dancing?
This is so much better that the usual crappy musical numbers, and that Ballet Dancer has a FANTASTIC ASS!

...but on to what Irritated me...

The CSU women's basketball team was on last night when I went to the bar, being that people in this town support ANY local sports team, and even though I don't like basketball in the slightest, after about five minutes I was whooping it up with everyone else.

The thing that got me most was how HARD these girls were playing. As a team. Without that nagging thought of "if we make it to the next round, this is going to get me a huge signing bonus when I go pro..." And the more I watched the more pissed off I got. The seniors on that team actually had to worry about going back to school when the tournament was over so they could actually get a degree and have a skill when they graduate.

No going pro. No contracts with nike. No getting other people to do their papers.

Even though they lost, they played well. They played for the right reasons. Nice job, ladies.

Why the fuck do they keep showing these close-ups of Goldie hawn?

So after this annoyance while I was going to bed, I wake up to the gigantic Oscar fiasco. E! was doing their best to make the whole thing sound like an event on par with the falling of the Berlin Wall. This, to anyone with half a brain, is nothing but revolting.

The other day I was, of course, checking the logs and following some of the links people used to get to my page (God bless Analog). A lot of these are searches, so when I go there...

"Love is Groovy?" oh well.

...I get a bunch of links to OTHER tidbits of joy on the web. Being that half the searches that find my site these days are about Gwenyth, you find some interesting things.

One link was to a posting on the E! website, with this woman...

That WACKY dago - Roberto Benigni - just won Best Actor... This guy Rules!
He just said "I'd like to lay down in the firmament and make love to everybody!" YES!
...was gushing about hoe lucky Gwenyth was to have dated BOTH Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. Ick.

The level of worship that has whipped up around movie stars these days is just about enouhgt to make me want to hang myself. They're just people with really cool jobs. That's it. A lot of them know this, a lot of them don't. its gross.

ugh. This little gathering at my house is starting to get raging and i'm losing my concentration. Maybe more later this week.

But probably not.

Slap out.

21 Mar 99

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