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Karma - not always a bitch.

About 2 months ago, I was at the Stake Out having a few drinks with my friends and Long story short, I found ths girl's wallet out in the parking lot. I hadd seen her inside the bar earlier, so I took it in there after looking for a card or a phone number or something so I could tell her where to find it.

I got her email address and sent a quick email, and that was that.

or so I thought.

Yesterday afernoon I'm watching a DVD with Abbe and theres a loud THUNK at my door. Startling. I check it out and it was just the UPS guy hucking something up onto my landing. (I frikkin hate my UPS guy. He never tries the door. Oh, I'm sure he used to, but affter 10 times of me being at work at night LIKE I CALL AND TELL THEM EVERY TIME I GET A MISSED DELIVERY STATEMENT; he just thinks its okay to thow my shit up to my landing from the ground.)

Anyhow, the recklessly-thrown box. Its a box from


I open it, as its addressed to me, and inside is one of the items off of my wishlist. Seriously. Looking at the receipt, it was a present from the wallet girl.

Nice to have your faith in humanity as a whole restored through gifts of science fiction DVDs from total strangers.

Thank you wallet girl!

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