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Notes From the Field.

Yeah, so, uh... let's start from the beginning. This is a journally update, which I wasn't going to do on this site, but the things that piss me off lately aren't quite enough to write about.

The company i;ve been contracting for has decided to make an honest woman of me, so I'm getting my English work ermit paperwork procecssed. With luck, this will allow me to live in London full-time. Pints, Royalty, tiny apartments with high rents, tube bombs and all.

This requires me to be out of England for some time, so I've holed up at my friends house in Las Vegas for the time being until i can go back permanently.

Vegas is still a shithole, but not as big of a shithole as I made it out to be before. I've been a little nuts up to now.

I got to see the show I helped buid from an actual seat, spending the first ten minutes in the theatre waving everyone on the crew and freaking out the general audience.

Many thanks to Baboo for the tickets (and the note.)

I got to see all my stuff again. Thanks to my sister (and her trusty friends) for rescuing it from that place, and for taking over getting my mail, even if the post ofice DID fuck it up.

I didn't tell you?

I had gone to the post office website to change my address andd have my mail sent to my new L.V. digs at the Red Army base Here. Of course, I TOLD THEM soecifically that I was the only one changing addresses, and that my ex was most specifically NOT.

The Post Office, in its wisdom, not simply randomly chooses which address to send my mail to, along with the mail for my ex. I;ve written to them and asked it to be sorted out, but there is still a weekly "exchange of prisoners" to sort out the Post Office's mistakes.

Except for while I'm here. There is zero contact with the ex anymore, and that's how I like it. I've already got enough hammers of What in the fuck was I thinking in the first place? falling on my head as it is...

By the way, I've changed my mind: I want my fucking last name back.

Went to San Diego (Many thanks to the Red Army, who was kind enough to put me up at one of their houses and treat me like one of the family) to see the San Diego Street Scene with one of my favorite peeps on the planet last friday. The Scene was extemely well organized. Flogginy Molly - the second reason I went to the show - kicked major major major ass, things weere not too expensive, and I learned The White Stripes arent just all hype.

Paljon Kiitos to the fabulous Kiki for fronting the ticket, bringing me along with, and giving me yet another great time.

I owe you a big repayment in the future.

It was a nice little vacation away from everything and gave me a little clarity on what I'm doing and why I'm doing it in the first place.


There are some pictures coming, but I gotta get out of this fucking coffeeshop and wont be connected until later.

And for John...


Slap out

1 Aug 05

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