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The Year In Review

Suffice to say, 2004 was a complete pisser. The basic rundown is as follows:
  1. Found job.

  2. Crappy excuse for a city.

  3. Possible tease of a upturn in life.

  4. Heartbreak.

  5. Heartbreak again.

  6. Screwed out of OT cash.

  7. Computer no longer fast enough to play the new crop of games.

  8. Rapidly approaching alcoholism and I really need to get to a fucking doctor.

Thats about it, in eight sentences.

Not to say the year was an entire bust.

  1. The people I work with are fairly great worth going to the wall for.

  2. Two important friends finally fooled some women into marrying them, and they both managed to get the better end of the bargain.

  3. Even though it required eating LOTS of ramen noodles, I managed to pay off over $19,000 worth of debt and get my ass back to zero.

  4. I did get to find the greatest bar on the face of the earth.

Good year? Bad Year? You decide. It's not like I'm going to listen to what you have to say to me anyway.

In other news, I made the "Highlights from the 2004 Letters Pages" in the Las Vegas Weekly. June 17 is me.

I'm glad I got to publically tell the world to shut the fuck up about their houses.


Predictions for 2005 (with odds):

  • I will no longer live in Las Vegas by April - 100%

  • I will no longer live in the United States by April - 99%

  • My Hymen will grow back completely - 47.835%

  • I will finish the year flipping bits professionally - 98%

  • My default status of being seen always as an asshole will change in the mind of a certain someone - 1%

  • Learn a new language well enough to get around among native speakers - 81%

  • Remarried - .00001%

Catch-all phrase for 2005 is the same as for 2004: suck it.

Slap out

3 Jan 05

[ This seems a little halfassed, I'll probably edit it over the next few days - sj. ]

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