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just some general pissiness.

I'm really fucking pissy today. no, I mean REALLY pissy. I thought I had better come in here and put somehting new up so NASA-Guy has somehting new to read, I owe my diehards that, and I also owe it to those who are frantically looking for somehting to kill 3 minutes of their tedious-ass jobs with.

Before I forget to toss this in; if you like movies at all and are as sick as I am of the complete fecal matter they spray on the screen, go read Big Empire's Filthy Critic. If I was a woman, I'd be on my back for him in a second (and feel free to tell him I said that). There's your Slappo-Induced laugh for the fucking day.

As I was talking about, with tedious-ass jobs and such, I was having a beer with a friend I used to work with and we were talking about salaries and I basically learned that because I opened my big fucking mouth and was stupid, I was the lowest paid guy there - I probably set a goddaamn record for that place.

All because I was honest and opened my big mouth and, heaven forfend, told the interviewer the friggin truth about my salary history.

Here's a little word of advice: WHEN IT COMES TO PAST SALARIES: LIE. LIE YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF. The thing that even pisses me off more than that is that I've been TOLD to do that and nooooooo, I gotta be all perky and peppy and honest slappo during an interview. Damnit.

I suppose thats about all I got to rant about right now. My friggin head just hurts from everything thats been spinnging in it over the past few days. Damn it all anyways.

whatever you do, DON'T send me any fucking email to let me know you're out there, not unless you want your head ripped off.

the kicker of all this is that in about an hour I'll feel a lot better and will forget completely about ripping peoples heads off.

Slap out.

13 Nov 98

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