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So how come I'm not getting any wiser?

Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /htdocs/www/includes/parse_lib.php on line 23 I turned Thirty-Five years old 4592.4573263889 days ago.

I think the coolest part of my birthday is that it was early enough in the monrning that on the west coast, it's technically Aug 27th instead of the 28th.

I really think everything should be simply off of Zulu time. Zulu time, for those that aren't in the know, is GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time, which it the chosen zero point of time. It would only necessitaite getting the stupids of the planet used to setting their alarm clocks to "1500 hrs," or whatever.

This would also make it easier on those of us with relatives that can't do time zone math.

You can buy me shit off my stupid wishlist, which hasn't been updated in a while, but I'd really rather just have a nice card.

Really, I think all I want for my birthday is dontaions so I can take as many $3 pulls on the Megabucks Slot Machine as possible.

That thing is getting ready to puke out a jackpot, so why not to me on my birthday. I can feel it. Really. I can. It's my time. Totally. Hell, I'll even share a little of it with the ex.

Sure would make life easier, and if I got enough pulls, I could drag it out and maybe get a few freebie drinks off of it, too.

Oh yeah, Happy birthday to Smack, too. Who'da thunk at 35 we'd be here.

Slap out

17 Aug 04

I KNOW this is getting too bloggy. Fuck you.

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