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Movies, that Rock.

Yesterday I was laying on the couch and out of boredom decided to watch the bi-weekly showing of Footlose as VH1's Movies that Rock!

You can see this movie a million times and because of its complex layering and timeless story always discover somehting new. What I discovered was a new plot synopsis:

City boy moves to town full of early-twenties Professional Dancers that are living doubles lives as the senior class of a town that doesnt allow dancing, because John Lithgow is worried about the souls of the community.

City Boy, through much conflict and strife, organizes dance and wins hearts of most of the professional dancers and some of the town. John Lithgow learns to love again.

Then, dancing hapens. Being that these are professional dancers freed from the yolk of no dancing, there is a lot of it, and it's perfectly choreographed.

You're welcome.

The night before that I went and saw M. Night Shyamalan's The Village. Most people will hate it, because they're stupid. I however, did not.

Slap out

2 Aug 04

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