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No, I'm not dead yet.

Jesus Fucking Christ, People!

Thank you to those of you that emailled to ask "are you still alive, or what?"

Truth be told, I am still very much alive and kicking.

I've been working my ass of at this new job. Short list of highlighs:

  • There's a bald guy with glasses on our crew that goes by the name "Doc". It took rougly 12 seconds for that to morph into him being called "Doctor Evil" by the rest of the crew, and not 4 more seconds for the other bald guy with glasses and a babyface to become now known as Mini-Me.

    yes, it is fucking hysterical. really.

  • I've decided that after spending a couple of days in the grid, that Riggers are all pirates. Not the kill-you-take-your-stuff-and-rape-your-women kind of pirates, but more the loud-cursing-hard-drinking-swinging-from-ropes-off-of-stuff kind of pirates.

  • Work is tiring.

  • Our schedule changes a lot.

  • Sleep has become a fairly precious commodity.

Just so you all know, I'm not ignoring your emails, I'm usually just to tired to answer them with any speed, if at all. Yes, I'm still pissed off at the world, but too tired to bitch about it.

I still find the time to have a few beers at the Double Down on occasion. Many occasions. If I'm not at work or home, I'm probably there. It's becoming a favored post-work activity. Come by and say hello. I'll be the dirty one in the corner.

Go send some postcards or something. Upload some new ones, send them to me. Login and use the MESSAGING FUNCTION to send me a message.

You bastards. You made me get all journally on my site.

Slap out

22 Mar 04

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