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Fucking. Kill. Me.

I wasn't even going to get online, being that it's 1 am and I've had a big fuull day, but I had to report...

I went to the Double Down to check out the bands. The one that was playing sucked major ass, so I left.

At first I thought it was raining. Again.

As I was driving home I kept thinking What the fuck? This isnt rain...

Fuck. Me.

Yes, childrens. it is most definately snowing.

In Las Vegas.

You know, Las Vegas? The City with no water in the middle of the goddamn desert?

Yes, THAT Las Vegas.


I'm just thankful most of the moronic population I have to fight with for oxygen are in their plastic little houses dreaming their little visions of their next 3 mile per gallon SUV instead of sliding all over the road in their current 8 mile per gallon SUVs.

Jesus fucking christ. As if I wasn't continually miserable enough.

I fucking hate snow.

Almost as much as I hate my car.

Kill Me.

~ UPDATE 0855 hrs ~

I went to sleep after writing the above with hte nice thought that there was no way the snow could stick to anything.

fuck. Theres a nice inch of it piled up on the privacy wall (fucking shitass suburbs)

Now I get to drive to work in this shit with all the major yabos that can't drive for shit when the roads are DRY, much less after a snowfall.

Pray for me. Pray for me to find the sweet, sweet release of a quick death.

Slap Out.

30 Dec 03

Photos from the morning after.
That's a link, stupids.
Click it.

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