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Gems in the Desert.

Today for one of my part-time gigs I had to locate a Santa wig and beard to wear during the number. Yes, I - Slappyjack, am dressing as santa for the Christmas number the showgorls are doing.

I'm even going to be doing the running man onstage.
Dressed as Santa.

I know.

See it at Club Paradise. Santa is me. I kow, you wish you were me.

So anyhow, I hadda go dig up a new wig and beard for Santa, 'cause if you remember, I'm bald; and those that know me know me growing ANY beard just ain't gonna happen.

My quest to find a wig brought me to :

Williams Costume
1226 s. 3rd Street
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 384-11384
Where I was helped out by the faulous Ellie. Ellie is somewhere between 40 and 175 years old, and is a truly fabulous lady. Apparently one of the owners of the store was a showgirl years ago, so the side of the building has this great mural of The Famous DICE GIRLS from the El Rancho Vegas Hotel, in 1949.

The Fameous Dice Girls

Every time I think I can't take any more of Vegas, I find some jewel like this.

Really. Someday I'll live in Old Vegas and I'll be cool, and this will stop looking like a goddamn journal.

Slap out

6 Dec 03

P.S. - Chris bought me a good dinner tonight at the fancy pants Country Club. Whee!

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