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Why 1993 ruled.

Chris was diging through some old stuff and dug up this picture:

simpler, happier times.

Points as to why this picture is amazing:

  1. As you can see, I did at one point have hair. An amount of it that could actually be described as luxurious
    Being no slave to fashion, I let it grow out. During loadouts it would get all sweaty and dirty and Eventually turn into a Kramer-like pillar of hair. This was quite the group-pleaser.

  2. Camoflauge pants, actually from a cycle of basic training at Fort Jackson. I think I may still have them somewhere.

  3. Chris is wearing his Moon Pie t-shirt. That shirt alone is amazing. HE got is with moonpie wrappers and a check for $5.99.

  4. Little white shoes were considered stylish at one time. Without socks. I am not sure why.

  5. So were denim shorts with "cuffs" For ladies, anyway. I didn't cuff anything.

  6. Cutoff denim shorts, were NOT, but they were worn anyway, much to our collective chagrin. Again, I am still not sure why. Thankfully, I have not seen them again since moving out here.

  7. I think this pic was from Puerto Rico also. Look at those TANS! Tanning was a favorite pasttime down there.

  8. My mouth really is that big. I don't konw why, but most pictures of me from back then feature my gaping piehole.

  9. Though you can't tell from this picture, Anna's mouth is even bigger, with the voice to go with it. Ah, Anna.

  10. I don't know why my scanner is all messed up and working this crapily. I think I may have to crack it open.

Yes, you'll probably be seeing more old pictures of stupidity. I have nothing else to talk about right now.

Its been raining here all damn morning. I hope the low areas aren't flooded, 'cause I don't need that shit, but it's nice and cold. Gotta dig up my hat.

Slap out

12 Nov 03

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