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Teeth. Another thing to Lose in Las Vegas...

That's one of the new taglines for the new Hockey team in Vegas. Last night was just about my best night so far in Vegas.

First, we get tickets to see the opening home game of the Las Vegas Wranglers. First game of a brand new team in a brand new arena. Nice arena (the Orleans Arena). Very nuw, but only 7,700 seats.

There are many reasons as to why Las Vegas AA Minor leage hockey rocks:

  1. When the team enters at the beginning of the game, they skate out through a giant fake saloon frontage, complete with swinging saloon doors

  2. The team captain? Defenseman

  3. The team captain? Last Name: McBain.

  4. Not only do we have ONE Defenseman named McBain, we gots us TWO DEFENSEMEN NAMES MCBAIN.
    Fucking. A. Yeah.

  5. When the Wranglers score a goal, they don't play Rock & Roll, Part II, they play MotherFucking Viva Las Vegas

  6. The third jersey has craps dice all along the bottom and sleeve trim, and the alternate logo has a puck with a poker chip design.

All for about 40% the price of an NHL game. THREE DOLLAR BEERS, BABY!

DO at the first intermission, Chris and I go out to the Smoking Balcony for a butt and while standing there I here behind me...

"I like your jersey!"

I turn around, "I want a jersey like that!"

The nicest little guy was standign there, proudly wearing his Phoenix Coyotes tshirt, wearing his headphones, loving the fact that there's hockey in Vegas about a thousand times more than I did.

"The sharks are playing tonight! Do you want me to tell you the score?!?"

"Uh, Sure."

"Can I stand near the railing next to you?!?"

"Sur, that would be swell."

Hockey guy stands next to me, and next to him is a guy wearing a Nebraska Football T-shirt.

"Hey, I like Nebraska!"

Hockey Guy then intently tunes his little radio for what feels like an hour, and I tell him I gotta get going...

"I want one of your cigarettes!"

I was so stunned I give him one, then he leans in really close and says to me, "I'm gonna look at chicks... I'm wanna get laid tonight."

Holy Christ. It was quite possibly the most surreal moment of the year. Next to getting unceremoniously fired five months ago by the company I worked myself near to death to keep alive, but that's a whole 'nother story.

After the game, we were so psyched by the wickedass win we decided to go into the Orleans casino.

Played some nice blackjack. Then we played some nice blackjack with a few guys from Canadia, then they left. Dealer changes from the lovely Yulie to the pleasing Mei, so we play more blackjack.

Mei deals me into a triple split of 7's, I win all three hands, then she takes all that money away from me. Chris and I battle back into the Black and we're getting comped drinks and cigs and the three of us are generally having a good time.

I even won $50 at one pount by splitting 3's and then getting to split both of them again and doubling down.

It was very, very cool.

Then these two freaking idiots sit down next to me. It wasn't five minutes before one of them told Mei &qout;me love you long time!"

We tipped her big and left immediately. Assholes.

Otherwise a good day.

So of course, to counteract my GOOD day, today was started by having my cell phone fall into my big mug of coffee.


Chirs, however, just may have managed to save the day but washing it in Isoprophyl Alcohol. The Phone seems to be working again.

Enough. Almost Blue Gender/Trigun/Bebop time.

Slap Out

22 Oct 03

P.S. - Tonights new QEftSG South Park episode is one of the best episodes ever.

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