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Yes, Virginia, even ignorant fuckwits can be parents.

/. - that's, to the uninitiated - brought up a news item today about a group of parents suing their local school system in order to get them to stop using the wireless network they set up for the express use of students being able to use the internet in the name of education.

You can read the article at Wired News and cnet's
(Remember when cnet was c|net, withthat cool pipe symbol in the name? Then they had to drop it because most people were too stupid to know how to type it? Remember that? We're all so goddman stupid.)

The complete abuse of our judicial system can be read at (It's a pdf document, so be aware.)

Of course, I posted a stupid rant about it as a reply.

My favorite comment so far:

Cell phones: Constant 600mW output, inches from your brain.

Wi-Fi: Intermittent 35mW output, several feet away.

Which would you go after first, if you thought RF was harmful?

Parents, please do us all a favor and stop fucking up your children and their little lives.


There are enough people currently on the planet filling me with a homicidal rage on a daily basis. I implore you - don't create any more.

If there were anything that was truly close to the concept of Justice, any Judge that was presented with this would do at least one of the following:

  1. The lawyers that are presenting this case on behalf of the parents would be disbarred and forced to work as jizzmoppers for no less than three years.

  2. The parents and their lawyers will pay to remove all computers and networking devices form that school district and have it installed in the poorest Chicago School District. All labor will be done by them personally.

  3. The parents and their families will be forced to become Amish. Permanently.

  4. The parents and their lawyers will be allowed to only work as public schoolteachers for the remainder of their lives. They will be paid only if they do their job properly.

Slap out.

8 Oct 03

IMMEDIATE ADDENDUM: - 5 minutes later...

My new favorite comment so far:

I grew up in the next town over.

Yes, there are a lot of parents like this in Oak Park. Overprotective, PC assholes that ruin everything for the rest of society.

As Ernest Hemingway (I believe) said of Oak Park: it's a town of "wide lawns and narrow minds."

And I laugh.

They're suing the school for wifi...and yet if you drive around Oak Park, you encounter a nice large number of wifi networks (most unsecured). Maybe they should start suing each home next. Radiation pollution after all. And after that, maybe the sun...

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