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Oh, I'm Seizing the Day allright.

My day starts normally.

get up.
boot up.
brew up.
read /.
cup of coffee and smoke, sometimes see Roscoe outside.

if ($Roscoe) {
} else {
check email.

Thanks for meeting with us regarding the e-Commerce Guru position.  While
your qualifications are strong, they are not unfortunately a perfect fit for
our current needs.

Best of luck,

damnit. typical.

Although they DID actually send a thank you response, which is more than most people do these days.

finish emails.
add 2-12 domains to spamfilter.
smoke again.
modify some code.
get to cleaning house
send following email:

-------- Original Message --------
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 11:01:11 -0700
From: SlappyJack 
To: [ various folk ]
Subject: The firstest group use of the "new modifier word of choice"

I just set out to take care of the choes, mainly the litter, and it 
apears somecat decided to make a delicious statement by peeing outside 
the box!

I beleive the statement was "this box is not clean, and is therefore not 

Delicious.  A delicious day is mine!


       "I've always been considered an asshole for
       about as long as I can remember.
       That's just my style."
                        - Royal Tenenbaum

My Brother in law said it best , "The thing you gotta remember about cats is their flammable qualities."

Now I get to go mop up and try to dislodge the scent of fucking cat pee. yay.

You KNOW you wanna be me.

Slap out.

15 Aug 03

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