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NEWS FLASH: Power Out In Northeast

I just sent this email out to some people and thought that maybe others should know about it.
Being that I'm home and I get this shit as it happens...
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Major power outage hits New York, other large cities

Thursday, August 14, 2003 Posted: 5:23 PM EDT (2123 GMT)

NEW YORK (CNN) -- A major power outage simultaneously struck dozens of cities in 
the United States and Canada late Thursday afternoon.

Cities affected include New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, 
Michigan; Toronto and Ottawa, Canada. The power outage occurred shortly after 
4 p.m.

State officials said the Niagara-Mohawk power grid was overloaded. The grid 
provides power for New York and stretches into Canada. The officials said the 
outage is a natural occurrence and not related to terrorism.

Much of Midtown Manhattan and Wall Street was shut down. All area airports and 
the Long Island Railroad were also affected.

The Federal Aviation Administration grounded planes at all three New York area 
airports because the blackout affected security screening facilities. The FAA 
reported planes also were grounded at the Toronto airport. The airports were 
operating on backup power, officials said.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg confirmed the outage was not related to 
terrorism or an accident.

"The good news is, Con Ed's facilities have shut down automatically, which 
they're programmed to do," he said. "No damage was done to the Con-Ed facility."

Bloomberg said it was unknown how long the outage may last.

Thousands of people could be seen leaving buildings and walking into the streets.
New York subways were reported stopped and people were trapped in the cars.

"We are going to have a situation where people are going to have to walk a long 
distance. They need to be careful," Bloomberg said. "Our advice is to go home, 
open up your windows, drink a lot of liquids."

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LATEST NEWS: 2003-08-14 14:00 PDT
This is not a terrorist attack as far as they can fgure.

A power station in Buffalo NY (THANK YOU Niagra Mohawk!) overloaded and the 
systems to shut it down failed.  This caused a cascading effect across the grid.


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Be sure to tell them to turn off all non-essential electrical applances they 
can, until the power comes back on.

Bringing up a powerplant and having it suddenly be under major load tends to 
cause it to shut down again.

yup.  technology.

Trying to call loved ones on their cell phones may not work: No power means no power to transmitter towers. 2136 GMT
FOX News just had a wonk on that said they talked to the someone from the TelcoIndustry. Transmitter Towers are backed up powerwise. But they ARE overloaded.

Affected Airports are apparently allowing loaded planes to take off, but are no longer loading planes because the security equipment is not on. Air Traffic Control Towers are running on backup power.

NOT EVERYWHERE IS OUT. My sister in law lives in Auburn, NY and half the town still has power.

Emailing your friends in New York City or any of the other major hubs isnt really that good of an idea. The shit cant get to servers that aren't powered up now, can they? Even if the servers are up, swhich is a good possibility, they arent going to stay up on generators forever, and most likely tht aren't going to be able to get a machine to download aforementioned email anyhow.

In a word, DO NOT FREAK OUT!

2136 GMT
Holy Fuck, NYC looks like New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Slap out.

11 Aug 03

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