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The news from California

This whole Recall Election mess:
      The estimated 2000 Population of California: 33,871,648

For the Nov. 5, 2002 Election, which elected Gray Davis governor:
      The Population of Califotnia Eligible to vote: 21,466,274
      Population of Californians that bothered to register: 15,303,469
            71.29% of those eligible to vote, want to.

Number of people that actually cast votes: 7,738,821
      50.57% of those registered, voted.
      36.05% of those who could vote actually did.

Votes for Governor (top two and no vote):
                                Votes       Percent
Gray Davis, DEM    3,533,490    47.30%
Bill Simon, REP       3,169,801    42.40%
Votes Not Cast         262,470        3.39%

Gray Davis was elected by:
      23.08% of registered voters
      16.46% of the eligible voting populace of California

State law requires 897,158 valid signatures to place a recall initiative on the statewide ballot.

These signatures must come from the people that actually voted in the election.
      11.59% (897,158 out of 7,738,821) of all the people who voted...
      This equates to 4.18% of the total eligible voting population...
            ...can overturn the decision of the voting populace.

In all fairness, all signatures collected MUST BE in the list of people who actually voted in that election.

To recall Gray davis in October, the following thing must happen:
      50% of the voting populace must agree that he should be recalled.

THEN, out of OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE candidates, each voter chooses ONE OF THEM.

Whoever gets the most votes, wins. Thats it. They don't need 50%, or 40%, or even 10%.

With a semi-even dispersal of votes, the next Governor of California could be picked by less than 1% of the registered voters of California that BOTHER TO SHOW UP AND VOTE.
      125 even shares of votes equal each candidate getting .8% of the vote.
            Obviously, this isn't gong to happen, but it's possible.

I found this data searching Google for "2002 California Election Statistics." This took a total of two seconds.

THE SECOND LINK was "CA Secretary of State - Statement of Vote - 2002 General Election"

I then followed the links:       Registration and Participation   

      Vote Summaries   

You can do with the numbers what you wish, but they ain't fuckig pretty.

They DO however, go to show the importance of each and every vote. Get your ass out there and vote, you assholes.

Not voting for of some stupid reason? (All reasons to not vote are stupid, end of discussion.)

Fuck You.

When we were kids, we used to hang out at my friend house, and in their TV room there was this set of knick nacks that were wooden blocks that spelled out V O T E, with a little flag sticking out of the top of the T block.

They were done up in a very rustic, New England Blueblood style, to give you a sense of what they looked like.

Anytime we were over there, without fail, ONE of us would always reorder the blocks so they spelled V E T O, which would kinda irritate the parents a little.

Little did I know how relevant that would be these days.

Laci Petersen is still dead.

So is her kid.

This WASN'T news for a while, because Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to take two weeks to announce his run to steal (oops!) win the guv's seat.

Apparently, today the defense flew in some nationally known forensic experts to poke around in her remains and try to find somehting to support the satanic cult defense (or something.)

It's all really stupid at this point. How many times can you show the file footage of a sad little bodybag on the beach with a fast cut to a pic of big ol' pregnant Laci?


Get to my report of the little electronic thingie that may (or may not) allow me to understand what my pet is saying.
[yes, this WAS actually on KRON 4]

Kobe Bryant may miss some or all of Basketball Season because he nailed a broad who couldn't keep her mouth shut.
[dude, you have money coming out of your ass and you're too cheap to get a hooker? stupid. ]

This, too, distracted most people from their false concern from Laci Petersen (last I checked, she was dead the whole time) as to be a part of the "Poor Laci" love-in.

Nutella tried to pull all of the jars of its product with Kobe's face on it, but we found one the other day and bought it.

Because I like Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, asshole. I couldn't care less about where Kobe puts his schlong, unless it's too close to me.

There was a FlashMob in Dolores Park on the 9th. I went. It was fun.
The dick bartender at the bar afterwards that ignored me at the bar for some reason can suck me.

I still need a motherfucking job.

Slap out.

11 Aug 03

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