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i got yer habits
right here.

I work a real-type job and it isn't too bad. Yeah, I'm bored a lot ot the time and alla that, tech support at any level sucks. I get to play with the system a little bit and do the webpages, and its a 8-5 type gig, but there is one thing that really bugs me.

Corporate crap.

The one thing in particular that sets me off on a daily basis:
My boss, God bless his soul, is a really cool guy and is out to take care of my department and makes sure we aren't having any problem and checks to see if we need anything, but he has this one thing he sends to us on a daily basis - The Covey Quote of the day.

This Covey guy wrote "The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People", as far as I know, and the book is one of those business things that managers and sales guys read to get all psyched up about being a cog in the machine that serves a legal entity that exists only to make money - the corporation. (if youve read any of my other rants, you know what I think about those things).

Most of the covey quotes are about things like "listen to your co-workers, and they'll listen to you" or "perceptions are what you lay on top of reality" or similar tripe (yes, he will read this, and yes, I've told him that before) and the whole function of reading these tomes of sagelike advice is to help you better yourself in the hopes of making yourself a better cog and thus make some more money.

This brings me to thinking about them goddamn self-help books, such as Dr. "I am my chilrden's domineering mother" Laura and her "Stupid things women do - because I SAY they're stupid" or any of those slew of "Do what I say when running your business and you can be rich like me" wastes of paper.

Most of these treasure troves of knowledge and wisdom pretty much come down to "use your common sense and you'll be ok. oh yeah, don't forget to buy my next book Advanced Decision Making: The Red tie or the Blue"

The funny part of that all, and I'm mainly talking about the business tomes of magic (I just took a jab at Dr. Laura because we all should at least once in a while) is that the whole book is about writing a book that you can market to other business guys so thay'll buy it and make you money. If everyone follows this advice, we can all just basically stand in a big countrywide circle and pass twelve bucks to the guy on our left.

I don't really have anything more to gripe abouit on this topic, it just set me off, but I have been able to come up with a little list of things that are my sage advice to all of you out there:

  • be nice and you'll be treated nice.
  • if someone doesn't treat you nice continuously:
    • don't talk to them anymore
    • tell your teacher
    • when noone is around, whack them with a bat
  • share what you can
  • expect nothing for nothing
  • everytime you think about buying a self help book, put that money in an envelope. eventually, the big gob of scratch you have stashed away will make you a lot happier.

[ Random Note: I just put the following into an email I sent to Bill:
"Dick dick dick dick dick dick dick."
"Wow. That's alotta dicks"
                -Reservoir Dogs
I hope he enjoyed it. ]

Slap out.

6 Oct 98

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