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Not a month after I laid into baseball players for fighting like pussies, Kyle Farnsworth goes and proves me wrong.

Thats right, check the thermometers in Hell, 'cause ol' Slappyjack just admitted He could very well have been wrong about something

As ESPN wrote:

"Cubs pitcher Kyle Farnsworth, top, hits Paul Wilson after the Reds pitcher reacted over an inside fastball during the seventh inning."
When I saw the replay on SportsCenter I was 100% flabberghasted. ESPN, being the complete and total sports network they are, then had a commentator who gives enough of a shit about baseball to know somehting, went through the previous 6 innings to ACTUALLY TAKE THE TIME TO EXPLAIN WHY WHAT HAPPENED HAPPENED.

Hats off to ESPN, who rock.

Shame on anyone else on television who claims to report the news - this example alone shows how you need to go in-depth and cover the whole goddamn store,

GIANT props to Kyle Farnsworth for not being a giant pussy. (He sould come play D for the Sharks, we need a good brawler.)

Huge shame to Paul Wilson, for having a big mouth and then getting his ass totally kicked by a pitcher.

Slight nod to baseball, even if I still hate it as a televised sport and consider it nothing more than a rude guy interrupting a game of catch.

Slap out

20 Jun 03

PS - I still need a job. gimme one.

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This is just a perfect example of "Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean that you SHOULD."

At least he keeps his clothes on.

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Even if you don't read it, you can use it for self-defense!

Yet another reason baseball can suck my dick.
Gotta get some stamps.

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