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Yet another reason baseball can suck my dick.

Why am I going dark? New apartment. DSL won't be hooked up for a couple weeks, so I'll be offline for a bit.

not like I update anyway.

To tide you over, a few thoughts:

I've noticed yet another reason to hate baseball the other day.

Baseball players behave like they're like some of the greatest athletes on earth (which they're not compared to hockey, rugby, decathletes, and a bunch of others) and have achieved a level of arrogance that leads them to fight on the field of play because they feel disrespected.

This actually is different from hockey. I'm not articulate enough to explain it. Any takers? I'll post it.

Anyhow, what I noticed was:


Am I saying that I personally could outfight them? No, but then again I am not a professional athlete.

Every time I see these "athletes" jump up and down while being held back by six other guys while the dude they're charging flaps his arms like a big fucking bird amd tries to get out of the way, I feel totally and completely justified in my opinion that baseball is a giant waste of an area that would make a FANTASTC rugby pitch.

Or Lacrosse Field.

Or soccer pitch.

Or a combo of ALL THREE without needing big mounds of dirt in the middle of the for guys to stand around in.

Wanna earn my respect? Drop your mitt, Drop the glove, break down into a decent stance, and take on the fucker running at you. Put enough batters in the hospital with cracked ribs and or busted shoulders from a decent collission and they'll learn to keep their fucking hands off of you.

Reader Comment, 14 May 03
"Want to earn my respect? Go get in a real fight in the streets where there are no referees to save you if things don't go like you planned. Athletes who fight in games are such fucking gay pussies. They have no idea."
Let them fight one-on-one, then penalize them. Simple.

Reiko Aylesworth is quite opssibly the hottest woman on television right now, but day-mn does her family need to get soemone who knows a thing or two about HTML

I mean, seriously.

The New Pornographers have a new album out.

I love them indie kids.

Filing for unemployment insuance is quite possibly the most dehumanizing experience of my life to this point.


And I've been through United States Army Inprocessing and Training.

I need a job. gimme one.


Slap out

13 May 03

ADDENDUM - 19 Mar 03

Big E has something to say about the whole baseball-pussy thing:

It's a given that modern-day baseball fights are big sissy-girl purse-slapping competitions. There was a Brewers-White Sox fight about 10 years ago.. one guy came in from the bullpen and did a flying somersault onto the pile, just looking to have fun. But there have been a few VICIOUS fights in the past.

In the 1880's, baseball was THE most violent sport on the planet. Eye-gouging was still popular and its influence was seen in baseball. Believe it or not, but they had to add a rule declaring you couldn't carry your bat to first base. Wasn't uncommon for a batter to bounce one to short, then haul ass down the line and clothesline the first baseman with his bat.

Jackie Robinson (yes, THE Jackie Robinson) was notorious for beating the snot out of anyone who got in his way. Branch Rickey and Jackie agreed to a five-year "experiment"- whereas, during this time, Jackie agreed to NOT lash out or act ungentleman-ly. When year six began, Jackie proceeded to beat the living hell out of whitey.

Ty Cobb was another, more famous thug. The stories of him sharpening his spikes are the TAME ones. There's a famous shot of Ty sliding into third, and the third baseman is "tagging" Ty in the jaw... with the help of a right cross, a baseball and his glove.

In the 60's, there was even a spurt where players would receive stiffer penalties for closed fist shots. Thus, the sissy-bitch slapping came en vogue. Of course, every now and then, a modern player will snap and do something slighlty offensive. Former Dodgers P Chan Ho Park had his famous "kung fu kick" in a game against the Angels in 99 or 2000. Or Nolan Ryan in 1992, who grabbed Robin Ventura in a headlock and literally beat the snot out of him. Willie Stargell even told a story about his minor league days in North Texas- where an opposing player carried a gun into the dugout.

and now ya know...


Thank you E.

Still... Pussies!

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