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Local Stupidity:
Drunk-ass Pod
This was taken by one of them goddamn cell phone cameras that we all love to hate but secretly love a couple of saturdays ago when it was decided that we were all due for a decent bender.

Notice my wife. Her evening began at a birthday party, where she saw a tray of Lime flavored Tequila Jell-O® shots and announced, "I AM HAVING FIVE OF THOSE BEFORE I LEAVE TONIGHT".

This was at roughly 6:30 PM.

Luckily, the evil Ken was there and he not only managed to talk her into doing a sixth shot, but also gave her the idea that a seventh shot would taste really good if you pushed the jell-o into a corona and drank it. Apparently inventing the MEXICAN BIOLERMAKER!

Ken was even nice enough to prepare one for her!

Please note that this was probably only infurating to the people that waited on us.


National Stupidity:

This was so offensive it was sent to me TWICE. (full text below)

All Bizzaro Slap could say was:
"Church...state. Church...state. Church...Oh never mind."

ThrustPuppy could only say:
"i don't know what to make of this."

This really is what our weak-ass government spends their goddamn time on.



You're not getting it. I'm not trying to be funny, here.

Time to call or email them (or use their retarded form that most likely goes right to the bit bucket) and tell them to get some real fucking work done.


(for fun, take a look at the shit-ass code the government webmasters use to produce this shit. It's verbatim from the above link)

I may be overstating a little here, but I think this probably infurating to a lot of the general public.


Slap out

27 Mar 03

PS - Right-Wing dickheads may register complaints here

Recognizing the public need for fasting and prayer in order to secure the blessings and protection of Providence for the people of the United States and our Armed Forces during the... (Introduced in House)



1st Session

H. RES. 153

Recognizing the public need for fasting and prayer in order to secure the blessings and protection of Providence for the people of the United States and our Armed Forces during the conflict in Iraq and under the threat of terrorism at home.


March 20, 2003

Mr. AKIN (for himself, Mr. GOODE, Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland, Mr. JONES of North Carolina, Mr. KING of Iowa, Mr. HAYES, Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia, Mr. BEAUPREZ, Ms. CORRINE BROWN of Florida, Mr. MANZULLO, Mr. ADERHOLT, Mr. TIAHRT, Mr. PITTS, Mr. RYUN of Kansas, Mrs. MYRICK, Mr. WELDON of Florida, Mr. BISHOP of Utah, Mr. BARRETT of South Carolina, Mr. MILLER of Florida, Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN, Mr. GINGREY, Mr. TERRY, and Mr. SOUDER) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Government Reform


Recognizing the public need for fasting and prayer in order to secure the blessings and protection of Providence for the people of the United States and our Armed Forces during the conflict in Iraq and under the threat of terrorism at home.

Whereas the United States is currently engaged in a war on terrorism in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001;

Whereas the Armed Forces of the United States are currently engaged in a campaign to disarm the regime of Saddam Hussein and liberate the people of Iraq;

Whereas, on June 1, 1774, the Virginia House of Burgesses called for a day of fasting and prayer as an expression of solidarity with the people of Boston who were under siege by the enemy;

Whereas, on March 16, 1776, the Continental Congress, recognizing that the `Liberties of America are imminently endangered' and the need `to acknowledge the overruling Providence of God', called for a day of `Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer';

Whereas, on June 28, 1787, during the debate of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin, convinced of God's intimate involvement in human affairs, implored the Congress to seek the assistance of Heaven in all its dealings;

Whereas, on March 30, 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, at the bequest of the Senate, and himself recognizing the need of the Nation to humble itself before God in repentance for its national sins, proclaimed a day of fasting, prayer and humiliation;

Whereas all of the various faiths of the people of the United States have recognized, in our religious traditions, the need for fasting and humble supplication before Providence;

Whereas humility, fasting, and prayer in times of danger have long been rooted in our essential national convictions and have been a means of producing unity and solidarity among all the diverse people of this Nation as well as procuring the enduring grace and benevolence of God;

Whereas, through prayer, fasting, and self-reflection, we may better recognize our own faults and shortcomings and submit to the wisdom and love of God in order that we may have guidance and strength in those daily actions and decisions we must take; and

Whereas dangers and threats to our Nation persist and, in this time of peril, it is appropriate that the people of the United States, leaders and citizens alike, seek guidance, strength, and resolve through prayer and fasting: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that the President should issue a proclamation--

      (1) designating a day for humility, prayer, and fasting for all people of the United States; and

      (2) calling on all people of the United States--

        (A) to observe the day as a time of prayer and fasting;

        (B) to seek guidance from God to achieve a greater understanding of our own failings and to learn how we can do better in our everyday activities; and

        (C) to gain resolve in meeting the challenges that confront our Nation.

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