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concentration is not my strong point

Okay... so I've been a little lax in the updating of the page lately - like I said, that class was brain-warping. As the sidebar says, I took my test and passed it (because I'm the friggin MAN). Hoss passed too. We spent 6 hours saturday cramming for the thing.


Since I busted the crap out of my little feeble brain, I haven't lifted a damn finger this weekend. I was bad, and I will pay, I'm sure. The SO is off havin' a beer - she's been working her butt off packing and stuff because we move at the end of the week! NO MORE of this crapola building.
(note: living in an old building is really cool for about 12 hours, and then you discover the fact the plumbing is for shit, that one apartment down the hall that leaves the door open and stinks up the hallway isn't gonna change inhabitants soon, the damn corporate assholes aren't goinna do a very good job on fixing your cheap-ass tub, and living on the top floor in the summer is just about suicide.)

I, on the other hand, spent sunday and tonight downloading player mods and Quake2 deathmatched as a half-nekkid bimbo for hours on end (shooting little lego-men - I even made them sound like the Teletubbies when you shoot 'em up good, so it's extra-satisfying). I tell ya, the girl's a saint for putting up with my bullshit (and since mosta you know me, you know what I'm talkin' about)

[ Random thougt: I know everyone says "Oh, they suck now because everyone listens to them", I still think the Bares ROCK. Mainly because they know they're justa bunch of total dorks and wallow in it. (and for those of you that think I'm a bandwagon asshole, I first listened to the bares in like 1993, so put that on a platter and server it up hot.) ]

[ Random thought Two: While typing this the movie I was watching ended and cinemax switched to its "Soft Cheeseball Porn" format. I came to the realization that a) No amount of boobie showin is gonna make a crappy movie better, and so b) Just show me the boobies doin' what they do best and stop trying to convince me that you guys were really trying hard to make high art that wasn't planned to go straight to video.
"This thing looks like it was shot 10 years ago in the States, or last week in Canada" - Crow T. Robot ]

As my TV-flpping diverted brain was saying, we're moving this weekend. Even though this will mean that the next 5 -7 days will consist of all the headaches that entails the benefit outweighs all of that...and the benefit?


Yes, we have parking space! All our own, if somebody uses it, we tow 'em. No more worrying about getting back to the apartment to find a space that would be there if Jethro wouldn't have put his land yacht in the middle of 3 spaces, rendering them all partially filed. No more parking braille-style, no more OF THAT CRAP! (For those of you that think I'm just whining too damn much - you try living on a block that has something like 300 units living on it.)

Oh yeah, we have this great view from the 11th floor and a balcony and all that, but who cares...

[ oh my god... this flick just used a "Dave's not here" joke... wasn't that popular in the 70's? ]

In other news:

I coulda done a better job of directing this crapola movie. ..
where the hell is the goddamn cable guide?

Slap out.

28 Sep 98

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