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RE: men things.

Of course, SOMEONE couldn't let this lie...
Subject: RE: Dude philosophy
   Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 11:36:35 -0500
     To: SlappyJack

All I have to say is, everyone wishes it were that simple.  Not that I'm 
speaking from experience or anything...

Here's one for you and G-man:

So, do you think we've been screwed over by fairy tales and love songs?
When we're little kids, fairy tales are our primary form of entertainment. 
We dress up like them for Halloween, we watch movies about them, and they're 
the only things that will get us to go to sleep at night.

The handsome, brave, loyal, stalwart Prince rides into the desolate, 
confused kingdom and at once, the townsfolk know he's good. He fights the 
ogre/wicked witch/dragon and with one clean, strong sweep of his gleaming 
sword, the evil is vanquished. The beautiful, charming, sweet Princess is 
swept off her feet, love blooms at first sight. After defeating the monster 
holding the land hostage, the two of them ride off into the sunset to live 
happily ever after.

And when we're teenagers, all that plays on the radio are love songs. I will 
always love you, I never meant to break your heart, you're the most 
beautiful girl in the world, you are my world, oh baby baby baby.
Now, men and women hear the same messages, it's not like they're filtered 
out genetically. From when childhood to adolescence, very powerful times for 
developing character and the foundations for social interaction, we're 
bombarded by the above.

...and because I know everything, a reply...

     Subject: Re: Dude philosophy
        Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 10:57:25 -0800
       From: SlappyJack 

> All I have to say is, everyone wishes it were that simple.  Not that
> I'm speaking from experience or anything...
> The question is: Is it that women hear these messages and learn that
> we should use them as our standards and men never learn that these 
> are our standards, or is it just a bunch of bullshit?

It's mainly a bunch of bullshit.  EVERYONE hears these ideas, men
believe in them too, but are generally too busy being assholes and
trying to one-up each other to show it.

The main problem being that about 40% of parent-pairings these days last
and only 30% of those have a fucking clue as to how to raise their kid
and keep them safe and teach them what the schools dont AND teach/show
them what a real relationship is like.

To be honest, of all the people I know, There are only a handful of us
who didnt grow up with parents that had a fucked up relationship for
whatever reasons.

So what does the rest of the population do?  They hang their hats on
rediculous love songs that the media machine keeps churning out to make
a buck, and people eat that shit up.

The only group of people you can really overlook for blindly buying into
the mass media definition of love and relatinships are teenagers,
        A) They don't know any better
        B) They're in permanent "everything my parents tell me is 
           WRONG" mode so being shown a stable relationship gets 
           ignored anyway
        C) Their Hormones are causing new stuff to sprout out of their
           bodies and make them emtionally unstable

When I was a single 20-something i was a pathetic shlub just like
everyone else that wasnt lucky enough to get laid on command and bought
into that crap for a while.  Once I saw through it, i was much better

Not that it got me laid on command.

It's not a nice thing, but its better to have your biggest concern be
"will I ever find someone?" instead of "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! THAT BIGGER

> Every culture has it's own version of Cinderella, so there's got
> to be something fundamental in that story or it wouldn't have
> lasted. But what?

The fundamental thing in that story is that TO THIS DAY there are still
parts of the world where women equate to property, running the range of
either something you get a hold of and pen up and use when you feel like
to the other extreme of something that is legally yours untill you give
it to another man, but will try to escape you and therefore must be
controlled or beaten down.

For centuries little girls were truly some man's property from birth to
death and only good for making heirs and making binding contracts and
mergers with other families through marriage.

Cinderella was a little story that gave girls a litle glimmer of hope
that the man they got stuck with wouldn't turn out to be a gigantic

Cinderella is a pipedream, and if it were to even really happen, the
prince would have probably turned out Gay, or a Drug addict, or still
controlled by his mother, or already married and just out of the castle
on business.

In any way, the perfect man supposedly hasn't existed in about 2000
years, and he was too wrapped up in religion to get married.

assholishly yours,
          interacting with users...
                             lawsuit at a time

...because, you know, a guy named SlappyJack should be the source of all your relationship answers.

someday, hopefully soon, I'll be moved to do more than just put my emails up here.

Slap Out

5 Mar 01

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