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Evening, kids!

Afre a fine monday of Drinking beer with the night man at Plop Mallop, I retired home to watch David E. Kelley Evening on FOX, which I love.

'cause, you know - I'm just a big, pretty girl at heart.

Really, now, there is NO RESISTING Girls Club.

You can try, but ya can't.

I love them girls.

Afterwards, I get online to make sure the internet hasn't gone away in the past four hours, and I get a fine piece of fan mail!

-------- Original Message --------
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 20:11:25 -0800 (PST)
From: BDH <>
Subject: web site
To: slappyjack

I ran across your email. Do people really appreciate your idiotic site 
and warped view about the corporate world ?
-------- Original Message --------

Wow, BRIAN HOWELL OF SAN FRANCISCO. I am sur-prised you could find my e-mail on your computational device and then know to find my "web site"

I'll pass the word on to San Francisco's Chamber of Commerce that you're sticking up for the corporate way of life.

Don't forget, Brian, that because of Halloween, H.R. has moved casual Friday to Thursday. This means you need to remember to pay a homeless guy to shine your penny loafers on WEDNESDAY afternoon.

As if the readership cared (Genny, be sure to tell my mother I updated again!), heres the official emai lI sent back to ol' Bri.

Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 22:16:45 -0800
From: SlappyJack
To: BDH <>
Subject: Re: web site

BDH wrote:
> I ran across your email.

Where does one just "run across my email"?

> Do people really appreciate your idiotic site 
> and warped view about the corporate world ?

Actually, there ARE people out there that appreciate my site.  Thank for 
taking the time to email me.

Now go get bent, suit boy.


My ass.
As in, "You can kiss it, Brian Howell." - s'wut i sed...

I wonder if I can see Brian howell in the background during the outdoor scenes during Girls Club. I don't think so, since noone this week looked like there were walking around in the background with a big stick shoved up their ass.


Slap out

27 Oct 02

ADDENDUM: - 30 Oct 02


damnit. I loved those girls.

(Ladies, if you're looking for a place to stay after getting evicted from your titanic-ass apartment, you can stay in my office for as long as you need.)

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