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Vegas, baby!

We were in vegas. The wife was working, I was taking a couple days off, we had a few other friends/coworkers with us.

The Night Man and I insisted on walking as much as possible to build as big a collection of them little cards with the hookers on them as possible.

We did not call any.

He also taught me the term "SARMOTI", which stands for Siegfried and Roy - Masters of the Impossible. This is a term that can be used in many, many ways aparently.

We had to go get our picture taken with the giant S&R statue, which we did. I also got my picture taken by a guy who asked me hold his Spongebob Squarepants doll in the tiger's mouth.


I also met a couple of girls who were also collecting hooker pictures.

We go to the Palms to see the ghostbar (as seen on the Real World!) and while were waling through the lobby, Brett simply anounces "Hey, there goes Judd Nelson."

We Look.

It was.

With some woman with leathery tanned skin and big big blonde hair.

We go to the Ghost Bar, get seats, get drinks, take turns guarding our prime seats (Even though the crowd can seem annoying there at times, GhostBar is actually a pretty fucking nice place to have drinks. You can actually talk on the patio without having to scream at each other.) on the side patio and going to look through the glass in the patio floor that allows you to look all the way down to the parking lot.

Brett, Chris and I go to see this window, but theres this guy on it with his girlfriend. She's afraid of the vertigo or something and he's making her nervous by jumping up and down on the glass. Chris sees this and says, "Hey, man, RIVERDANCE!"

People yell, "YEAH!" and the guy starts doing a really good riverdance impression on the glass. Then the girlfriend starts yeling "Judd! JUDD! STOP IT! JUDD!!!!"

Yes, I witnessed - from two feet away no less - a drunk Judd Nelson do a Riverdance impression at the Ghostbar in the Palms in Las Vegas.

15 minutes later we see Fred Schneider from the B-52's. We're positive it was him because not only did it look just like him, but NOONE ELSE IN THE WORLD can pull off dressing that way.

Then the bartenders lost Mel's credit card and ID and she was sweating bullets for 15 minutes until they found it and felt so stupid they comped our $150 bar tab.

Yes, we got all that fine entertainment for nothing more than the stupid $10 cover charge. A cover charge we had to get looked over by no less that FOUR staff mambers to amke sure we were acceptable party people to get in.

Which is a bunch of bullshit, because I don't get let in anywhere.

Apparently at the airport the wife had some guy answer her complimenting his travel bag by saying "Vegas, baby!"

Some people have seen Swingers one time too many. Now I'm glad I haven't

Yes, I lost. About a c-note.


Slap out

8 Oct 02

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