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computers, people, and throbbing brains.

This week I started taking classes to work towards my MCSE (thats Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification. Tuesday night we sat down at 6 PM and proceeded to take notes for the next hour and a half straight, take 5 to suck down a smoke as fast as I can, then off to another hour of nothing but scribbling notes.

Hoss and I got into the car and proceeded to head back to the safe bustle of downtown from the lifeless 'burbs, both our heads just throbbing with info.

After about 5 minutes we both just started babbling about what was just pounded into our little flabby-from-unwork brains. I believe I mostly was saying "THAT WAS SO DAMN COOL!"

I'm really hyped about this. Not becoming part of the evil Microsnot empire, but we're learning all about protocols and bridges and cable lengths and routers and Star-bus topologies and all sortsa cool stuff and it was GREAT.

The entire class is there because PAID to be there and they paid pretty good coin (as in, if I don't pull a decent gig in as a result of this I am so FUCKED) and they want to KNOW. No Community College where somebody who "just wanted to know a little more about their computer" and winds up screwing up the entire class by talking about everything BUT the class... ah, I'm digressing.

anyhow, its intense...

I got lucky. I picked networking as what I wanna do and it turns out to be the most fascinating damn thing ever.

Then I got to thinking, (as I am oft to do) "I really wish there was some way to expose
the general public to this. Not in the sense that they had to know it, but to the point where they would realize that they're not buying a big TV with a typwriter attached to it, and that all stuff on the internet they took for granted since they day they saw [insert wisecrackingly-lovable/heartthrobbingly-heroic chatacter] in [any movie with a computer in it] instantly access a database containing every knowable doodad from the internet while in their [car/plane/studio apartment] was a total piece of bullshit.

"Maybe then people would respect the technology they're purchasing. Maybe they would stop and think about all the work that went into making this possible. Maybe they would..."

Then my attention was diverted by having to avoid some dumbass that was on the road solely to cause as many accidents as possible.

...and I thought, "Maybe we should just start with getting people to think..."


I realized on the way home today that I'm pretty lucky that I'm on my way to doing what I enjoy doing, I just gotta aviod all the meatsacks out there blindly moving about bumping into the chinacabinets so I can get there unmolested.

Know what I mean?


Slap out.

17 Sep 98

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