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The prostate.

One of the guys at work bought this book about sexual stuff, apparently for his growth in the company or something. It's called The Sex Book (by Suzi Godson, Mel Agace.) It's full of pretty good stuff. I'd say "Buy It" and leave it on your coffee table, just maybe put it on a shelf when little kids are around.

I open it.

The page i open to is a full page drawing of a finger stimulating a prostate, where the finger and the hand is a regular view, the prostate is visible in a cross-section of a man's anatomy.

of course.

This is most shocking not because of the drwaing itself but because this drawing, like all others in this book, are colored with really bright colors, like a kids book or something.

Yeah, it's a little hippified.

The book has your standard techinques section, as well as tips on how to and things aboot safety. This is done by section, and is pretty good content.

In the outer margin of each page are little quotes from people that are appropriate to the subject, e.g.:

"I didn't know anything was up ther at the time, and when this guy guided my fingers up his anus I was really surprised. I pressed like he told me to, while he played with himself. It wasn't long before I was covered in spunk."

covered in spunk.


Slap out

21 Aug 02

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