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1 May 02

Skyline Realty
2101 Market Street
San Francisco, California 92114


Enclosed it my check to cover May rent.

Not to be a complainer, but after taking almost a year of requesting the fix to our windows (the ropes to the counterweights were snapped on many of them) either directly or through our building manager, I would have expected the job to have been done with a little more care.

The process used to remove the interior molding of the window to get at the weights appeared to consist of wedging a crowbar in there, whacking it a few times with a hammer, and prying. This has managed to put large gouges in aforementioned molding, and caused most of the paint to excessively chip all the way up both sides of the window's frame, most likely due to the fact that whoever did the job didn't bother with taking the time to score the seam with a razorblade (done to prevent the aforementioned excessive chipping.)

Was the chipping sanded down and then repainted? No.

In addition, the large center window in the bedroom has an approximately 18" hunk of weather stripping or something hanging off of it. This is beautifully hanging from the exact middle of the top windowpane, and blows in the wind. After inspecting the slipshod job done on the window in the dining room, I noticed that some of the old ropes were tossed into the tree outside, and the rest of them were tossed down the fire escape hole in the roof with the weather stripping from the top pane.

These maintenance problems weren't problems before you bought the building and the building manager was allowed to bring in skilled people.

All in all, a terrible job was done; and though the peeling paint does match the cracks in the walls and semi-decent patch job done on the dining room wall, it's no longer a place that looks like it's worth anywhere near the rent we pay a month.

More than sorely disappointed,

Yeah, with a rent of $1600 a month, I gotta deal with this shit.

Slap Out

19 Apr 02

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