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nto existence it San Francisco's dirty little secret, Craigslist.

(It's not really a dirty secret, but that sounds good. You know...)

This site got so popular in SF that pretty much all the jobs I've looked at, and gotten, have been found here. Same goes for most of my peeps. THere are companies out here that look for people SOLELY using Craigslist.

Screw HotJobs. Screw Monster. Screw DICE. Craig is your friend, and he doesn't waste your bandwidth with bullshit ads and flashy graphics.

Apparently, Craig is trying to expand his list to other cities, but it doesn't seem to be taking. Lemme tell you guys - if the list covers your area, it behooves you to make this thing popular. Its like magic.

The reason I mantion Craigslist as all is because it not only is a great place to find gigs and used cars and crap, but it's also a fantastic view into the comunity you live in.

For example, this freakin thing was pulled from

It was posted Dec 24, 2001

Where can we get an abortion for our pedigree dog?

Reply to:
Date: Mon Dec 24 21:51:10 2001

Our lovely Pedigreed Minature Poodle was violated
by our neighbors Golden Retriever. She somehow got outside
when the delivery people came by and was impregnated in front of
our house in broad daylight. The neighbors maid called us.
I was able to rescue Madonna from the male but we now
know she is pregnant. We dont want Her to have this litter of
mixed puppies because we were hoping to breed Her in the springtime
with another lineage from Danville.
Needless to say my wife and are completly devestated by the
turn of events and found we are unable to sue the neighbor because
both our dogs were loose!
We cant go to our veterinarian because he handles other peoples dogs
we know and are afraid they might find out.
Now Madonna lays around and eats a lot. She's become fat and I
cant even take her out to meet the other dogwalking regulars because
they will know she's pregnant.
Has anyone else in the CL community encountered this before?
Im willing to fly her anywhere to have this problem taken care of.
PLEASE HELP US. and Merry X-mas

Other ways to contact poster:
Broadway Street Stairs
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
this is in or around Pac. Heights/Marina
no, really. I'm not shitting you.

Ask me why I hate everyone. Go ahead....

Slap Out

7 Jan 02


G-Man (of G-Man Monster Pain Workout fame) shares my pain...

So. Well well well. Its the new year- my FAVORITE time of year. And you
know why? Because not only do I get reminded on the first that another
year of nothing has gone by, but beucause I dont live in a big city, my
favorite places close for the holidays, and all that is open are in the
mall. Then, in the next week or so, I go to the gym and the place is full,
FULL! Full because of people whove made new year resolutions to work out
this year, to lose those extra pounds, to be good. You know what will
happen in two months, these people will go back to their happy meals and
thair couches and the gym will be back to normal capacity. In the
meantime, I have to wait for equipment. I have to ask to share stuff with
someone who works out 1 month a year until he remembers that he really
prefers to be a candy ass slob. You know the people- the people who wear
new shoes that they bought so they can keep their resolutions, the people
who dug out their five year old sneakers for the last five times they
tried to sustain a healthy lifestyle, the people who move just fast enough
to technically qualify as jogging, the people who run too fast and lift
too much because theyre dumbasses who will hurt so bad they wont be back
for a week, the people who hog the lanes writing training diaries because
thats what mens health said to do, the people who just dont belong where I
need to be, when I need to be. So now I have to start working out at 4:30
and get there before they get off work.

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